Improve your state of mind with aromas and colours

Mejora tu estado de ánimo con los aromas y los colores
There are people who often suffer discouragement, nostalgia, sadness and pessimism... Without depression, these States worsen quality of life and affect them as the people surrounding them.
Naturally, we can seek remedies that can help us to improve our mood. In this article you will learn how you can use scents and colors to accomplish that.

Decorate your home

How many hours pass in house daily? Are they the moments where you feel more discouraged? Look at the keys and your home decor. What colors do they dominate?
Colors directly influence our State of mind and, if we spend many hours a day in a concrete room, can take this opportunity to redecorarla.
Most people have the White House walls, since it is a neutral color that gives light and makes that the spaces seem larger. One option that we have is only paint a wall or an area but if you are not considering paint any wall, you can play with the furniture and decoration, adding color elements such as cushions, bedspreads, tapestries, paintings, vases, etc.

Yellow, Orange and Red

  • The color yellow has antidepressant effects and is a little strident color that often combined well with other elements of the room. In addition, it provides a sensation of cleaning and balance.
  • The Orange is the happiest of all, since it conveys creativity, extroversion and optimism. It is the ideal choice if, in addition, we want to give a bit of warmth to the room.
  • If in addition to the dismay we feel lack of energy, as if it cost us to start each day, try the details in Red, a very stimulating color and energy. However, we must avoid abusing him, especially in the bedroom, since excess leads to state of aggression and irritation.
comedor ParksTally

Natural light

To benefit from the therapeutic properties of the colors we should try to find the maximum luminosity in a natural way, since a dark stay will lead us to a State of low mood. The Sun gives us energy and vitality, if not we can get it at home, will try to go somewhere where we can expose ourselves to him quietly, at least fifteen minutes a day. We will always avoid the maximum solar radiation hours, noon.
sol Dd

Choose well the clothes

Colors should not be alone in house. They must accompany you always, especially to those places where you sit more discouraged. The way to get it is by choosing the clothes of those colors. If you find it too loud, you can choose Add-ins as pendants, earrings, belts, handbags, etc., allowing you to add that touch of yellow, orange or red.

It freshens your home

In addition to the colors, aromas also influence directly in the nervous system and the emotions. This science is known as aromatherapy, and is based on the use of essential oils. We should not confuse them with the artificial scents sold in many stores and which are simply characterized by its smell. We find essential oils are certified and quality, extracted from plants in a natural way.
Essential oils known for their antidepressant properties are citrus fruits:
  • Orange.
  • Lemon.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Tangerine.
Try them out and choose which you like most to scent your home. You can do it in three ways:
  • With an aromatic diffuser.
  • Putting water and a few drops of essential oil in a spray can to spray around the House.
  • Impregnating some containers House.
  • By adding them to the household cleaning products.
citricos veronicasheppard

Perfume you naturally

These oils also you can accompany there where you go, by way of natural perfume. Since personal aroma is a very intimate and subjective issue, we recommend that you also try other fragrances that bring joy, but which always depend on the taste of the person:
  • Pine: Joie de vivre. Stimulant.
  • Ylang-ylang: stimulating and sensual.
  • Lavender: balance.
  • Sage: Antidepersivo and addictive.
You can apply a few drops on the neck, or you mix them with your regular beauty products: moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, SOAP, etc.
Also some special pendants are sold so that you can impregnate them with the essence.
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