The emotional vacuum fear

We must realize that only we are owners of our life. Dive inside yourself to find what makes you feel empty and dispose of
El miedo al vacío emocional
There are people who are single but feel so alone and empty, as if they have it.
There are others who, by not waiting, decide to walk beside someone wrong and, in its selfishness, not allow that someone walk away knowing not making him happy.
There are people who hold marriage or dating already destroyed, by the mere fact of thinking that being alone is difficult and unacceptable.
There are people who decide to take a second to reach the first, but that trip is hard, uncomfortable and fills us with pain and neglect.
But there are other people who are alone and live and shine, and are delivered to life in the best way. People who do not go out; on the contrary, each day light up more and more. People who learn to enjoy solitude because it helps them to approach themselves, to grow and to strengthen its interior.
"Those people are the ones that one day, without knowing the exact moment nor are, beside which he loves them with true love and they fall in love in a wonderful way".
Teresa of Calcutta

"I am only although accompanied", "I am empty but I have everything and it nothing is missing me", "I feel incomplete despite the fact of having someone wonderful to my side", etc. sounds?
Is likely that this feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction will be very familiar. This is the emotional vacuum, that great name that makes us feel alone or incomplete.
And the truth is that the possibility of making us feel empty terrifies us, fills us with uncertainty and we blocked at every step. Because, obviously, makes us think: if I have it all, what more can I ask? What should I apply if my partner is already perfect? Should more how many friends I have to not feel alone?
Well, maybe your partner is "perfect", but your relationship, for you, is not it. Then, something will have to change and anywhere we must begin. It can also, if you have it all, do you need something that is not so easy to obtain. Or that you're surrounded by people but not with the right people that fill that part of you that feels lonely.

What's behind that feeling of vacuum that bothers us both?

Emotional vacuum hides behind Yes slavery, longing, sadness and the need. It is masking of feelings, doubts, tired, unwillingness and lack of concern.
But us why happens this? The answer is simple: we do not know well. Throughout our lives we take little time to assess what we need, how we feel, where you want to go and what we are willing to do so.
Is not that we have to consider what is happening in our lives, but who we really are. And, knowing this, we should stop thinking that our identity is wanting to be high or beautiful people who have a handful of illusions.
The idea is to let aside the erroneous approaches and that we define in the present time. I.e., who we are, what we are and what we're doing today. Nothing helps us tell us: "I want to be a doctor," "find the love of my life", "I aspire to be a mother", "I'm going to succeed with my business idea", etc.
Because that still leaves us just as empty, filled with longings and no identity. It is then when we realize that the price to pay for our lack of knowledge is high. We will be one number of the world's population, one doctor more, one mother more, love more, an entrepreneur more...
In short, when our fails I, there is the emotional void. Simply, everything becomes mere labels, patches that cover our wounds and bandages that prevent from seeing to our eyes.

What can you help us when we feel empty?

If we had to choose an adjective to define the emotional vacuum, the most appropriate would be "unbearable". It is unbearable, because it reminds us that we need something that we cannot determine.
We can try to complete us overeating, looking for a great love, drinking alcohol, and crush us in the gym, or loading our agenda. However, that unbearable feeling of "I need something but I do not know what is" still there, lurking.
Without a doubt, vacuum determines our life and our welfare, making architecture that keeps our emotions that wobble. Some experts link this feeling with the depression, alluding to a "cerebral disconnection" between limbic and prefrontal.
The fight against the void is not easy. It seems that much of the emotions and more negative feelings that exist have been against us, allying himself to kill us.
No, however, we can always decide if we take charge of our lives and begin to define what troubles us or follow a boat adrift, in a tide of uncertainty and pain.
Each one has to dive inside and try to find the key of what causes the feeling of emptiness. There are no magic formulas or infallible remedies. Solution is within everyone and, therefore, depends only on oneself to the coast of the truth.

Emotional self-awareness, the key to the fullness

Knowing well to others is intelligent, knowing yourself is wisdom"
Stop feeling a hollow inside ourselves is something that gets us working and taking care of our strengths and our weaknesses.
Knowing ourselves is fundamental to everything in our life. What happens is that we do not allow us the luxury of savoring our emotions or recognize its ingredients, neglecting everything what we can contribute.
However, if we stop to experience what happens inside ourselves, will succeed show that our emotions and our needs are displayed in different planes, as subtle as required.
At the end and all, said Terry Neill, change is a door that can be opened from the inside.
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