See 5 words that heal: we put them into practice?

It is important to say these words aloud to hear them and believe them and become more aware of them
Descubre 5 palabras que curan: ¿Las ponemos en pr├íctica?
Say that the power of words lies in 50% on who pronounce them and the other half in the listener. However, in this article we do not talk about the communication that we have with other people. At all.
Today in our space we want to show you 5 words that heal, five terms that you should say to yourself to find strength in every day, to motivate yourself and deal with those issues that often take the joy and even health.
What if we put them into practice? They are very easy to remember!

1 I'm fine

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It is possible that it seems contradictory. How am I going to tell me that "I am well" if it is not true? How express something positive when, in reality, I feel frustrated, stressed or hurt? Well, it is necessary that let us add you to that "I'm OK" a "and I will deal with it".
  • Positive thoughts are basic and necessary in our day to day. Positive thinking is not to deny our problems or overlooked our difficulties. It is simply focus on reality with motivation and energy.
  • If I see things in a negative way and I reaffirm with phrases such as " "wrong am ","me are making life impossible"or similar, the only thing that is locking me further in the anguish of these problems. So it is always better to catch air and tell us that "I'm doing well, and I will deal with it".
  • Get the test. I say out loud a firm "I am well". Do it with conviction and power. Instantly, you will notice an inner strength that is going to provide the thrust needed to solve those problems. Maybe that what you surround is not well, but you're prepared to deal with those things. We try it?

2. I will be able to with this

Never forget to place the pronoun "I" in front. You are the star of your life and you who should take the reins of your problems to face the world. If not you can find motivation in your own interior, no one will be able to do it for you, no one is going to help you better than yourself.
You don't focus on your limitations or look for excuses: "I'm not going to be able to do this because it's too late to change things", "there are more qualified people I why take the risk?" ….
Never fall into such defeatist thoughts . Look in the mirror and convince yourself that you're going to be able to with this and with all. The "I can" is one of those phrases that heal and that everyone should put into practice every day.

3 I deserve it

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Why not? Why you do not deserve a few hours a day to yourself, to enjoy your things, your hobbies and intimacy? Surely you are one of those people who does everything for others, that prioritizes the needs of others to their own. Be careful, at the end you can reach the limit of your forces and discover suddenly that others don't recognize each of the things you do.
Keep the balance in your life. Attends to others, take care of them, but also is that you care and that you recognize that you prioritise from time to time. Why not? You deserve it!

4. everything happens

You can now have a problem that does not let you live, you are obsessed with that, which you stressed and that has started to make you sick. You notes more tired and those negative thoughts will not be a moment of your head... Has begun even to having migraines again!
Stop a moment to think, breathe, sit. It is important to think that everything passes, that life flows and nothing stays forever. The more you attach to things, more suffering. If you are worried something of the relationship with your partner, discuss it. If something is not going well at work, it tries to resolve them, but not "stores it". Do not store things forever inside you.
Living runs very quickly and most importantly, be aware of the here and now, understanding that nothing is permanent. So, relativizes things, relax a little more and Repeat to yourself these simple words that heal: "everything happens, everything goes".

5 ama!

Love heals, surrounds, protects, and at the same time, releases. Without embargo, when using the word "love" as a means of healing, we are not referring only can dedicate that to the people that surround you and that are part of your life.
We are also talking about the love to yourself, that which strengthens your self-esteem, that pushes you every day to find a daily happiness to find you well and that you certainly deserve. Love your body, love your way of being, your character and your personality. When you have a problem, becomes aware that you are a valid and capable person to find solutions. You trust in yourself because you want to, because you know you and know that you have good virtues.
If you don't want to if same, can hardly offer love to others. So never forget this important word.
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