Treatments for hair and skin with chocolate

Besides being great for massages, chocolate can also help us to remove hair, such as excess fat or dandruff conditions
Tratamientos para el cabello y la piel con chocolate

We know that chocolate is very rich and that we would spend it eating it, however, has other uses besides cooking. The chocolate therapy is a technique used more and more in the institutes of beauty and spas by large properties that contributes to hair and skin. Find out more in the following article.

Chocolate, great source of antioxidants

There are different varieties around the world: black, bitter, with milk, with fruit, almonds, white... Used for many desserts or a piece is eaten after dinner. For many people, it is a delicacy which is forbidden when you diet or for having a disease such as diabetes.

Would using it for outer beauty that had not thought you of? Surely you've heard of the chocolate therapy, a technique used by celebrities from film, music and television.

The chocolate comes from cocoa, which has a lot of antioxidants. These components protect the skin from damage that can cause free radicals. As if this were some flavonoids (one of its components) serve to provide a healthy, radiant look. It is perfect to see you beautiful!

Not only can take advantage of all its benefits by eating it but also to smearing it on your skin. Do you feel like?


Chocolate and skin beauty

Eat chocolate regularly reduces blood cholesterol levels, achieved that we have better mood and are happy, helps us to focus before a test and eliminates anxiety. But, you know about the external benefits of this sweet?

It keeps the skin hydrated

Chocolate nutrients help to moisturize the skin. Just melt it and, when it is not hot, spread. It is perfect for dry, face for example.




You can enjoy a mask of chocolate to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells and impurities. The skin will look healthy, smooth and young, since it also prevents premature wrinkles and smoothes the existing.

Chocolate and beauty of hair

In addition to the benefits of chocolate for the skin, it is also very good to have a beautiful hair... like the advertisements of shampoo! If you make masks with this ingredient, you can, for example:

Regulate sebum production

Perfect for those who have very oily hair because of an imbalance in the scalp, which produces more sebum than normal.

Improve dry hair

champu seco

It also acts when hair is dry because of the abuse with chemicals, heat from the dryer, exposure to the Sun, etc.

Improve circulation

The scalp also needs a good irrigation of blood in order to be healthy. If you make a chocolate face mask in this area, you can, for example, prevent the hair loss and encourage the growth and strengthening of the strands.

Eliminate dandruff


Other conditions that are related to the State of health of the scalp. Chocolate prevents this type of infections and other similar as for example the seborrheic dermatitis.


If you have the hair lifeless, brittle, very weak or thin, apply a mask of chocolate and let it work, at least 15 minutes. To rinse it, you will notice changes in the hair: will look more natural, shiny, silky and voluminous.

What chocolate should I choose?

As mentioned before, there are many types of chocolate, but not all are good for hair and skin beauty. The only that it serves in these cases (and could use that you begin to eat it also) is the black or bitter, containing not less than 70% of cocoa. Other tips for choosing the chocolate star ingredient:

  • Do not buy chocolate fillings or flavors.
  • Looking for those who are of smooth surface, no holes, stains or lines.
  • To know if the chocolate is of quality, to break it you have to hear a popping sound.
  • To the touch, is not greasy (because you have fat or butter).
  • Kept at room temperature and in a cool place. So do not store in the refrigerator.
  • You do not mix or lower the chocolate with water.
  • Melt bath Mary, putting it in one pot inside a larger water and cooking over low heat.
  • Pay attention to the temperature of the chocolate molten at the time apply it on the skin or scalp to not burn yourself.
  • To remove, in any case, use water warm.
  • After making a mask facial or any part of the body, apply a moisturizing cream.
  • You can help with a brush to spread the chocolate better.
  • Leave to act, at least 15 minutes to take effect.

In addition to apply it on the skin or hair, it is recommended to consume 30 grams per day, maximum, to improve your body from the inside. If you eat too much you may cause:

  • Obesity or overweight
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Overdrive

So, now you know. You can use the chocolate as you like, but keep in mind that you scatter your body or hair... not you can eat!


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