Tips to keep your nails healthy this summer

Consejos para mantener tus uñas sanas este verano
In the summer, everything is more fresh and colorful, and your nails should not be an exception. Time to show off both the nails of the feet was and hands. Although you can use colorful enamels, sometimes you have to let them breathe and is at this time when we are concerned that they look yellow or neglected.
In addition, they do not grow at equal pace. The nails hands grow more or less one millimetre per week, while the feet grow less and are harder. But, equally, we recommend that you take care of them with the same care. It only takes into account these characteristics.
If you are one of the people who use cosmetic treatments, don't forget to also be applied on the nails of the feet. This will allow you to look impeccable.

First care

The first thing you should do is let them all the same size and neat. For this you should use either scissors or nail clippers: indicated is that you limes. The file that you use should be cardboard or diamond, never use limes metal because they hurt you nail.
Passes the file only in one direction. You should do this with short movements and only for one side. Forget to come and go. So you do your nails are escamen. This step is very important. You should do this with care and attention. Avoid filing more or leaving very short fingernail and remember that you must give a finished square to avoid nails buried.
If after the lima dirt underneath, not the take off with something sharp. You can hurt you and damage your fingernail on the inside. You must soak them in soapy water and brush them well. After having them clean and neat, you can continue with the treatment.

Care appropriate for your needs



If you use hardeners, those manufactured with natural products, and without exceeding are recommended. A must be able to move, as part of its functions, so you should not change its nature.


Some people have a tendency to show spots on the nails. If this is your case and you find irksome, remember that this may be the sign of a health problem, so you should consult your doctor. If your profession or your daily life forces you to be in contact with strong chemicals, it is likely that that is the cause. In this case, you can soak in lemon juice. It will remove existing stains and harden enough to avoid breakage, but not so much as to prevent to maintain its natural movement. The results appear in a week, approximately.

Nail polish remover

Using nail polish remover without acetone. Try to use natural products that are not aggressive to your nails.


When you apply cream on your hands and feet, you must put also on your nails, is a MIME that they love. You must be very careful with the SOAP you use to wash your hands and bathe. Is it natural, neutral and non-aggressive. Likewise, don't forget shampoo, because hands are that washed the head and your nails are submerged in that product.
If you have to use a very aggressive shampoo because you have very oily hair or products you use to dye it, rinse your hands well and moisturize them. They are very damaged by so much exposure. Ideally, immerse them ten minutes in olive oil, which is perfect for restoring the keratin which makes them strong and beautiful.

Use gloves

Some occupations (such as photographers) are in direct contact with aggressive chemicals. But, even if you're a housewife, could see you stricken cleaners such as dishwasher, grease, etc. Most often worry about maintaining healthy eyes, but nails are equally affected. To reduce the risks, wear gloves. If you cannot, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after and applies a cream hydrated. This will be returned to them by moisture and protects them.

Rest of enamels

We already know that the glazes look very cute and like all combined with our clothes. The bad news is that they prevent correct oxygenation of the nail, which can cause fungi or make the problem worse if it already exists. Usa enamel up to five days and leave them to rest, at least three days. Thus they will be stronger and the glaze will last longer.

Eat healthy

Your skin, your hair and your nails are highly dependent on the way in which you nurture. For nails, there is a vitamin which is very good, vitamin H or B7. It is commonly known as biotin. If your nails look neglected or shriveled, ask your doctor if a vitamin supplement can help. Most of the time just this small change.
In any case, biotin-rich foods that you can eat are:
  • Eggs.
  • Nuts.
  • Bananas.
  • Beef liver.
  • Blue fish.
  • Brown rice.
  • Tomatoes.

Antifungal creams

Mushrooms are deadly nail enemies, because they are easy to acquire and very difficult to combat. They tend to be everywhere, from the pool to the beach or gyms. As soon as you see that the first symptoms appear, use an antifungal cream. Treatment will depend on the severity of the problem, but do not despair, it is common that they take a little time.

Manicure may not be required

If you realize from that your nails don't look good in spite of spending too much in the nail, should perhaps give them a break and go back to the basics: good nutrition and care that you have already mentioned. The problem with the manicure is are often use aggressive chemicals, heat and dyes that tired, damaged and remove nutrients from the nails.
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