Herbs for healthy hair

Plantas medicinales para un cabello sano
Many people suffer from hair off, thin, brittle, frizzy, prone to fall or dandruff, etc. Although we usually resort to shampoos and other hair products that is specific, we must know that some medicinal plants can help us deal with these problems in the most natural way.
Rosemary, walnut, thyme, Sage, Chamomile or nopal help to bring brightness and strength to hair, among other properties. We explain what and how we have to prepare them and apply them to feel their benefits and have a healthy hair.


Rosemary is a plant par excellence for the hair. In the past already used because help to improve capillary circulation and give shine to hair, as well as used to prevent the fall. The best way to use it is to marinate a couple of fresh branches of the plant in Apple Cider vinegar. Leave it in a pot, preferably glass, which is tightly closed, in a cool dark place for two weeks. We may then use this vinegar before the final rinse of the hair. The vinegar smell will disappear quickly and we will notice our hair shiny and soft. In addition, This vinegar helps us to prevent and eliminate the lice nits.
If we apply it to prevent the fall of hair, in addition we masajearemos a little our scalp making circles with your fingers, squeezing slightly to move it, but without rubbing.
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Walnut leaves give the hair shine and strength, but recommend them especially in brown hair, since hair clear could darken them slightly, since also functions as natural dye. To prepare it we surrounded the leaves in water and when it is warm it will apply decoction on our hair, letting it act for 15 minutes. Formerly this remedy was made by boiling the leaves of walnut in beer, which is also very beneficial to our hair, since it brings much glitter and boiling it loses the alcohol.


The Sage brings vigor and sheen to the hair, helps us prevent dandruff and, in addition, has the property to conceal the emergence of the first rod. We will prepare a Sage infusion for a couple of hours and when cool add a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar. We'll apply it us for half an hour, to then rinse.
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Thyme is a medicinal herb with many uses, and having antiseptic and antibacterial properties help prevent, for example, dandruff. In addition, power of the hair growth, because that stimulates capillary circulation. To this end, should apply it externally smearing thyme infusion and giving a vigorous massage on the scalp.


This famous medicinal plant known to give light shades to our hair, and even a brand of shampoo already includes to promote blonde color. But also helps us also to combat the dryness of the scalp, which in some cases also causes its peeling. We will prepare an infusion of Chamomile and calendula also add, and optionally also we can add a little saffron. We will implement the infusion for at least half an hour and will clarify.
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This plant has an excellent composition. Rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium) and vitamins (A, B, B2, C and K), as well as being a source of chlorophyll and protein, is an excellent remedy for damaged, dry or tinted hair. Its consistent application will help us to revitalize hair, nourishing it from the root, to prevent their collapse and give volume and shine. The gelatin extracted from its leaves, similar to aloe vera, can be applied as if it were a hair mask.

Final tips

Very simple and very effective to use these medicinal plants, in addition to the infusion or vinegar, are essential oils, we can get in health food stores and drugstores. But we have to make sure that are quality, and not artificial scents without medicinal properties. Then Add a few drops to our usual shampoo and with this simple step can enjoy all its benefits.
These treatments should be repeating them regularly, at least twice a week, to notice their benefits, since unlike commercial products, these plants act from the root of the hair follicle.
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