Tips to grow your kids' hair strong and beautiful

The child's diet is very important. Besides getting to grow healthy and strong, also influences the growth of the hair
Consejos para que el cabello de tus hijos crezca fuerte y bonito
Children's hair is usually change much over time. In the stage of lactation, it is usual have low abundance, but when you want to realize, will happen to be already very thick.
Then you must know that you provide the best care so that your hair will grow as loud and beautiful as possible.
Another aspect that we must bear in mind is that since those early ages we will offer guidelines correct they themselves learn to take care of it, especially if they are girls.
The hair is not just this aspect that brings beauty and appeal, also need hygiene and care that should be learned as soon as possible.
Today in our space we want to give you some simple guidelines so your kids hair grow as much and nice as possible. Are you going to lose?

1 characteristics of the growth of the hair of your children

Don't worry if your child was born with very little hair and if you see that months pass and still growing it. It is normal. Each child has its own pattern of hair growth and not have another option to have patience.
Typically that already with 3 years hair covered completely the small head and is shiny and, occasionally, to wavy.
However, it must also know that hair that babies come to the world is not definitive. I.e., there are many creatures that look un blonde color very clearly that over the years has just oscurenciendose.
The same happens with eyes. It is very common, for example, to come to the world with a dark grey or bluish tone. This colour change arrived 8 or 9 months to purchase which will be the final.
The reason for these features? In infants the melanin-producing cells are still very immature, hence which still can not consolidate those definitive tones of color of hair and eyes that their genetic inheritance has been determined.

2 nutrition so your kids hair grow strong

As you know, children need a power varied, balanced and rich in proteins and vitamins. Now, what kind of nutrients can do the hair of the child grow stronger?
Vitamin B (biotin) is essential to encourage its growth and it has a great relevance in those early ages of human beings.
While we all have a genetic code that will determine the amount of hair that we have, it is vital that we receive proper nutrition to stimulate proper growth. So, don't forget to include the following foods to feed your child.
  • Eggs
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Cheese or yogurt
  • Avocados
  • Raspberries
  • Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Nuts
  • Bananas
  • Tomato
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Kids hair care

Do children need the same care that we in your hair? How can I take care of it so as it grows older enjoy a hair can be the most beautiful and healthy as possible? There are different tips that surely will come in very handy on the day to day. We invite you to put them into practice.

1. how often should I wash the hair of the child?

Does missing we wash the hair of children every day, since this would get what resect it. The ideal is to do it every two days.
However, everything will depend on the activity of the child. If you are very nervous and sweating enough it will be necessary to then do it more often.
Remember to use hypoallergenic products always respecting its natural pH.

2. difficult to detangle hair

It is usual that the long hair of the girls is full of small knots and us is difficult to brush it. You should know that it is necessary for us to do this two to three times a day, since this way we stimulate their growth and encourage the scalpcirculation, oxygenating it. So, keep these tips in mind.
  • Coconut oil: You already know the benefits of health and our beauty coconut oil, but it is also interesting to know that it acts as an excellent conditioner. In this case, you may rather than apply a few drops of coconut oil in the Palm of your hands, then apply it on the hair of your son from the roots to the tips. Then untangle using a wide barbed comb.
  • Warm water distilled and conditioner: Another good tip. In this case we will use a bottle with spray, where we will put a bit of distilled water (not dry hair). We heat it until it is warm and mix it with a little bit of our usual conditioner. Shake the contents and spray it on the hair of the child. You'll see how you now desenredas it perfectly with the brush.
  • Remedy with vinegar once a week: Simply add to a bottle with spray 100 ml of water with 25 ml of oil of Apple. We apply it on wet hair of the child, and we let that you Act 15 minutes, then wash hair with your usual shampoo . You see how nice and soft wears her hair!

3 no plates or with high temperature dryers

Not passes nothing if, on a timely occasion, irons your girl's hair to make it look more finite in this party or that communion. To respect the natural health of the hair of our children is, however, necessary to not let us apply them aggressive as hair straighteners, dyes, lacquers agents...
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Much later start in these practices, more they will protect your hair. Remember also that to go to sleep, it is necessary to brush your hair and remove any rubber, headband or buckle in the case of girls.
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