Tips to cope with a marital separation

Consejos para afrontar una separaci├│n matrimonial
First, you must understand that overcoming is a mourning process, you'll need much time, patience and above all optimism and positive thinking. You should also think that you a separation is not synonymous with loss, failure or disappointment, is simply the end of a stage of your life as well as others that you've already gone above.
To prevent this from happening, we want to give you some tips so you cross this stage in a positive way and of course with maturity.

Do not act by impulses


Not have impulses that have to do with your ex or in relation to the emotional, very well thought each of the things that you're going to do and about everything that you are going to say. When people are injured often say things which repent later, so take things calmly and don't let the anger speaks for you.
Equally, if you have the opportunity to return to that person it is better that you meditate first it, for something were in phase separation, does not mean that it is not only a crisis of couple and now, but uses a time to think very well what you want for your life.

Face pain

Being a process of mourning is normal to much pain, obviously, you're separating from someone that you loved and gave him much, but tries to assume the situation with total serenity and seeks to avoid falling into depression. We recommend taking some infusions relaxing, which you can reassure tackling things safely.

Look for distractions

Like any problem, he will be there by attacking your mind constantly, this can cause certain diseases, so attempts to have your mind and give you a better use, for example make any craft, concentrate more on your life, at work, family projects, share different moments with your friends and children, runs, go to a park, beam swimming, go ride... done everything what you keep distracted and above all to make you feel happy safe and full.

Your ex is not your enemy

Perhaps your ex and you have not completed the better, but this is no reason to keep bitterness in your heart, there is a saying that says "cling to hatred is taking poison and waiting for the other person to die".
Although it may be difficult, remember that person as one that made you very happy for some time, nor is it that you mortifiques with memories, but hatred will only complicate the situation and making it much more difficult to the separation.

Forgive your partner

Don't let that feeling of bitterness grows more and more in you, if you have children Please note that even if it is with you, it is still being his father. Hate can cause suffering to the kids and of course that's what you least want.

Best friends or enemies


It is almost impossible to apply the rule of "if I saw you, I don't remember", you're separating from your partner, someone who was or still is very important for you, so makes that "I don't know anything about you" more difficult that you can overcome the separation.
If already these more than sure that it is not a mere crisis but a definitive separation of course that you should stay away from him, however although it sounds a little illogical between the two can help deal with separation, that in the case that has been mutually agreed.

And speaking of the children...

First of all, don't use them as a means of communication with him, that being razoneros may affect them, likewise don't talk badly of your former partner in front of them or others, by very angry you're or much damage he has done to you. It does not speak well of you leave it to him on the ground, so you don't fall into this error which is so prevalent now in day when there is a separation.

Other important recommendations:

  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not apply the's "a nail removed another nail"
  • Surround yourself with the people you love.
  • Don't let your self-esteem to wane.
  • Not you locked in your room.
  • Don't look for much to your ex, at least that is something important.
  • If you think or have signs that your partner wants to continue at your side and you also feel it fight for this love, leave the pride and resentments of side.
Think seriously about following these recommendations to deal with separation of more mature and less painful way.
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