Thousand and one uses of coconut oil in your everyday life

Los mil y un usos del aceite de coco en tu vida cotidiana
Home cleaning can not be made only with chemicals. There are many home remedies more effective, economic and above all less harmful. In this case, you can find out what the thousand and one uses of coconut oil in your daily life, not only in the cleaning, but also for your health and that of your family.

What is daily life coconut oil?

From reading this article, you'll want to run out to buy coconut oil, since it has various uses that will be very effective in your daily chores.

It does shine leather

If you have clothes, shoes or even furniture with this material, you can do that they glow and look much more beautiful, like new. Once you remove the dust or wash the jacket or shoes, please do not hesitate to apply a few drops of oil of coconut for superior brightness.

It removes chewing gum

There is nothing worse than chewing gum that adheres in trousers, a jacket or even in the hair! Therefore, you can use the following homemade recipe: first apply a little ice (if it's clothes you can place in the freezer) and using coconut oil, then go removing pieces of chewing gum. This solution is perfect for carpet or couch.

Thoroughly wash the faucet

To avoid excessive use of corrosive chemicals to the bathroom sink and tub, can wet a cloth with coconut oil and use to wash and remove scale or SOAP residue. Then, let it run a little hot water to rinse.

Maintaining wooden objects

If you have furniture, cutlery or anything made with wood, coconut oil is perfect to leave everything in perfect condition. Once you remove the dust with a dry cloth, the next step is to apply a good amount of this oil, mostly leaving it leaking in places where there may be scratches or cracks. A perfect way to restore antique furniture or little care.

Clean metal objects

From what you have read so far, coconut oil is a perfect partner for everyday life, because it cleans all surfaces and objects. Cutlery or anything else you have metal at home, will be as new. This oil helps to deepen the metallic color and remove the rust. Perfect for the garden, for example tools.
Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Lubricate the hinges that chillan

That sound so awful the squeaky hinges, can be annoying during the day and even creepy at night. To avoid these feelings, it applies a few drops of coconut oil on hinges to lubricate them and eliminate noise. You can also use it to lubricate the strings of guitars or other similar instruments.

It unclogs zips

If a zipper broke and you've been caught in it, either in a trouser or jacket, do not hesitate to use coconut oil. Ditto for a bag or a pair of shoes. Applies a few drops and moves up and down until you Unclog.

Light fire safely

If you want to turn on the heat or if you're going to make a bonfire in the garden for a night of camping in the open air, use coconut oil. How? Soak some cotton balls and then use them to light the bonfire. If you want the fire stays on for a few hours, pour some drops of this oil in the wood that you are placing.
Aceite de coco

It keeps engines in motion

If any of your motor-operated appliances refuses to work without a little help, think of as an excellent ally coconut oil. Applies a few drops before turning on them and you will see that the movement will not stop for a long time.

It creates a protective layer on iron

If you have pots, pans or pots of molten iron (which perhaps you inherited from your mother or your grandmother), you can create a non-stick surface. Place a few drops of coconut oil and takes the pan fire, for it permeate well. Then remove from fire, cool and ready, you can already use for your meal. At the beginning you can food have a mild coconut flavor, but don't worry.

It reduces hair fall in pets

If you have a dog or a cat that long long hair around the House, a great way to avoid this is to apply a few drops of coconut oil in his cloak. You will not only have their fur shiny and silky, but that it will also help to avoid sweeping or vacuuming all the time. Consultation with the veterinarian if recommends it. Other additional uses for the coconut oil in Pets: improves the skin and complements the diet eliminates itching.

It relieves bites

It can be from mosquito, flea or any other bug that has bitten you. You have to apply one or two drops of coconut oil directly on the bite and leave it to absorb by itself alone. In addition, this oil has the ability to repel the pesky insects when you're in the garden, or if you want to leave the windows open. Make a mixture with coconut, Rosemary or Mint and in equal parts tea tree oil. It applies in the body or in the corners of the openings of the home. You can also place on the stove with a candle so that the aroma it transpires throughout the House.
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