The value of accepting mistakes

El valor de aceptar los errores cometidos
Talk today errors. There are who do not accept them, there are who do not even see them and spends his life "stumbling over the same stone", in an infinite loop of unacknowledged unhappiness and serious emotional problems.
Not to admit a mistake is like refusing to assume a learning, because we must not forget that life is just that: a small ride which live in peace, to learn, to love and be able to understand what is happiness. Do you think if today we reflect on these aspects?

1. your errors, my mistakes

People have, on occasions, a really special skill: are capable of see the nonsampling error, but not own. I am sure that there will be happened to you ever. Those moments that a friend, a colleague at work or even your partner, said you everything what you do wrong, but without ever acknowledging that they also make mistakes.
Moreover, it is possible that even signs them is because they tend not to react too well.
  • Who only focuses on behaviour outside without observing the own lacks emotional skills, lacks empathy and respect for himself and others.
  • People who identify their mistakes and accept them Act so humble and full. We should not forget that humility is a value that everyone should learn to develop and, in turn, to pass on to others.
  • If you live with someone who has as usual point you your mistakes, don't you also fall into the fact to point out their own by way of revenge. To do so we fall into a vicious circle without sense. Best to argue and defend yourself. "May what he has done for you an error, but for me is not for these reasons." "Yes, it is true, I am wrong. I admit and accept it, now I will do it better. Are you able to do the same? ". "
  • Remember that, if you are forced to point out the error of another person, you must indicate it in such a way that you can learn, you need to know the bug so you understand which strategies to carry out to improve. This aspect is very important, for example, with the issue of the education of children: point out an error should not be a punishment, but a way of educating to offer opportunities for improvement.

2. to recognize the error to learn and advance

We all make mistakes, and who has not done so because it has not experienced or because, simply, yet it has not left his comfort zone, to dare, to embark on this adventure, this project, or even initiate that emotional relationship that, ultimately, can not out as well as we thought.
Is it wrong to make mistakes? At all. Not that is the reason why we are imperfect people, but on the contrary: we are beings in the process of learning, of improvement. We all have the obligation and the right to make mistakes with them for that wisdom which apply from the losses, failures, those roads wrong we all have taken some time.
However, we know that it is not always easy to assume them. Have you arrested you sometime to think everything is behind an error and why we so hard to recognize it?
  • Occasionally, errors show us, not only to ourselves, but also to others. Our family may feel disappointed, even your friends or your partner may also be surprised by the mistake you've made. However, you must never look at others. Others do not live your life. You are the star of your history and you who will have to assume that ruling. And you must do so in order to move forward and improve.
  • Mistakes make us believe that we are not able to, that are not skilful enough, or wise, or intuitive. If you think this you are once again wrong. You must understand that no one comes to this world with a "chip" embedded in the brain that makes us have a perfect life. At all. There is no child that he can learn to walk without having previously fallen, no one has learned to swim without first having swallowed some water... So, are why you be so demanding with yourself? Don't do it, or your self esteem will be very resentful.
Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime, and to learn have to assume errors. Accept them and learn how to get ahead. You see, every day, as drive more safely your life rudder.
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