Propolis, a powerful ally against cancer

El Propóleo, un Poderoso Aliado contra el cáncer
Propolis is a filler used by bees to protect their hives. It has been a natural remedy since ancient times valid to treat all kinds of diseases of the respiratory system; colds, flu, sinusitis or allergic rhinitis, as well as skin problems.
Propolis has many other curative properties known today; It is an powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, tissue regeneration, antiseptic, anti-fungal, etc...
Hopeful research have discovered new healing properties of propolis, in particular in the fight cancer.

A powerful ally

Bees use propolis in the hive to defend against viruses and bacteria at the same time sealing the cracks or openings between cells. It has been used as traditional medicine but yet still discovering new active ingredients and therapeutic in this powerful natural antibiotic properties.
At the University of Chicago Medical Center has been investigating the anti-cancer power of the phenethyl caffeic acid ester (CAPE) a component of propolis bioactive. It has found its effectiveness at least on prostate cancer cells. Experiments in small doses retarded growth, most in full doses of CAPE provided daily stopped the proliferation of tumor cells.
Pestaña  abejas
Also Japanese researchers from the Tokyo University of medicine discovered that the use of green propolis Brazilian during cancer treatments significantly increasing opportunities for healing, since it strengthened the immune system making them more resistant to these therapies.
Recent studies claim that 70 percent of human cancers (such as prostate or breast) need kinase PAKI to grow, and they are checking that green propolis extract can be very useful to curb this growth. Some hopeful news.

The champion of propolis

The Brazilian green propolis is world renowned for its powerful properties to reinforce defenses and combat viruses, fungi and bacteria. In addition recent studies in Japan discovered that also fights cancer cells without damaging healthy cells, and not as unfortunately happens with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
There are about 200 components in green propolis every day are discovered that new healing properties. Bee Melifera Scutelata is that takes care of removing this peculiar device, Green propolis, resinous leaves on the floor Baccharis dracunculifolia or Alecrim do Campo, an endemic species in the regions of southeastern Brazil.
Mauricio Mercadante  alecrim
As special feature of this propolis highlight its high content of phenolic acid, also called Artepilina C, a potential therapeutic substance. Among the many properties of green propolis as follows it could highlight:
Antimicrobial, antifungal, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antiprotozoos, atioxidante, healing, antiseptic, hepatoprotective, strengthens defenses, regenerates tissues and acts against gingivitis. In addition to its anticancer potential.
Images courtesy of Calfellvalo, flange and Mauricio
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