Can foods reduce the risk of breast cancer?

¿Pueden los alimentos reducir el riesgo de cáncer de mama?
So far there is no scientific evidence that demonstrates that some sort of food can if only to prevent breast cancer or fight cancer cells. However, if shown that there are some foods with anti-cancer properties and essential nutrients which keep the body as healthy as possible, strengthen the immune system and help keep the risk of breast cancer is very low. In addition, a healthy, nutrient-rich diet may help reduce the impact that has on our body treatment to fight cancer, as it is the case of chemotherapy. Likewise, some foods could make that this anticancer therapy was more effective, while other foods could act in a negative way.

Studies show that having a healthy weight reduces the risk of breast cancer

Cancer de mama
The power is related to the body weight of each person and some foods are the main cause of obesity. In relation to this, studies have determined that obese women have increased risk for breast cancer. In fact, an investigation that was published in 2005 revealed that women who were diagnosed with breast cancer and increased weight, had greater recurrence of disease.
First investigations reveal that women who are obese have higher risk of developing from the menopause breast cancer, compared to women who have a healthy weight.
A balanced and healthy eating plan and the practice of physical activity are key to enjoy a healthy and stable weight.

A low-fat diet may reduce the risk of having breast cancer

Further research could determine that a low-fat diet can help reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. The study found that women receiving only around 25% of the calories a day through the fats had a lower risk of cancer recurrence , , especially in those cases in which had been previously diagnosed with estrogen receptor negative breast cancer. Although more scientific evidence is needed to buy the impact of fat in cancer, the truth is that a reduction in fat intake helps to improve the quality of life. To increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce the fat, you are providing to the body enough nutrients to work properly.

Research on diet and cancer

Currently several investigations are still being conducted to determine the relationship between diet and the risk of breast cancer. A study carried out by the initiative of the women's health (Women's Health Initiative, or WHI, for its acronym in English) indicated that a low-fat diet may reduce the risk of having breast cancer. However, lacking many scientific evidence to say that this is quite true. So far, the results of other investigations are still waiting for to determine if a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low-fat may reduce the risk of cancer and its recurrence.
While the studies give response, health and nutrition experts recommend improve the power to strengthen the body and have a lower risk for this disease.
  • Maintain a healthy weight according to height and age. The body mass index, although it is not perfect, can help you to calculate what your ideal weight. If you're not sure, consult your nutritionist.
  • Increases the daily fruit and vegetable consumption (5 servings per day).
  • Whenever possible, tries to limit daily fat consumption in, at least 20% of total daily calories. To begin with, you must identify the foods that are high-fat as, for example, meat, margarine, fried foods or processed meats, among others. Reduces to the maximum this type of food and, instead, choose to consume healthy fats as the fatty acids omega-3.
To achieve a healthy eating plan suitable for your body and your well-being, ideally, ask for support from a nutritionist. A balanced diet should be and complete, since extreme diets lack nutrients and can affect health.
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