Live longer by eating whole grains

Vivir más tiempo comiendo granos enteros: ¡Descubre por qué!
Live long and enjoy a good quality of life is the desire of the majority of people around the world. Although we cannot avoid some kind of misfortune throughout our lives, what we can do since we were young is health care to live longer and avoid a lot of diseases.
One of many foods that help us to extend our existence, providing important benefits to health are whole grains. Several studies have found that people who eat whole grains are more likely to live longer and prevent heart problems. This is due to the fact that whole grains are healthier than the refined, that retain their bran and germ.
There are many reasons to eat more whole grains every day, unless you have celiac disease, non celiac gluten sensitivity or other reason to avoid this food. In this article we tell you why whole grains help to live longer.

Whole grains to live longer


Various investigations have determined that foods such as brown rice and oats could help prevent diabetes and maintain stable weight. Now, your benefits also include the fact of enjoy a longer, healthier life.
In a recent study conducted by the University of Harvard (United States), concluded that people who eat more whole grains are more likely to live longer and avoid heart disease. To reach this conclusion, researchers took control of the diet of more than 74 000 women and 44 000 men for more than 14 years. When started the study participants were relatively healthy, but after the investigation had died 26 000.
The researchers adjusted details such as age, smoking and body mass index, and then determined that people who ate more whole grains over the past years, had lower risk of dying, in particular heart disease.
Frutos secos Corazon
The study concluded that the consumption of each portion of 28 mg of whole grains a day, such as brown rice, oats and quinoa, can reduce the overall risk of a person to an untimely death by 5% and heart disease by 9%. In fact, giving more details of the benefits of whole grains, the study revealed that you people that consume more whole grains a day reduced by 48% the risk of diabetes, and 11% the of dying from respiratory disease. Likewise, it was revealed that those who consume fiber and whole grains reduce up to 15% the chances of death by cancer, and 34% of diabetes.

What are its benefits?

Although the data of this research also took into account important references such as the consumption of alcohol, physical activity, smoking and BMI, studies finally noted a strong connection between whole grains and the improvement of health and longevity in recent years. This benefit is attributed to their anti-inflammatory properties, fiber and nutrients, which are conducive to health and help to prevent different types of diseases.

Do other benefits bring whole grains?

  • Benefit intestinal flora by reducing the number of bad bacteria in the stomach.
  • They are good to improve digestion and prevent constipation.
  • They help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Prevent arterial clogging and improve circulation.
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart disease.
  • They function as a nutritional support for healthy weight loss.
  • They favour the reduction of body fat at the same time allowing a healthy distribution of it, which prevents the accumulation of abdominal fat.
  • Whole grains are rich in B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and niacin, which are involved in metabolism.
  • Also contain essential minerals such as:
    • Iron, which helps to carry oxygen through the body and helps prevent anemia.
    • Magnesium, which strengthens the bones.
    • Selenium, which protects against oxidation.
    • Zinc. Although only contributes a small amount, strengthens the immune system.
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