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Abre los ojos: el vídeo que no puedes perderte
And you how many friends do you have? Today, and because of this subtle but powerful influence of social networks, is possible to us to answer that you have no more and no less than 300 friends. Or who knows, maybe up to 600. But do many of them take a coffee with you when you're wrong? how many they know your gestures, your hobbies or offer a touch when you most need it? Do not miss this video and you will understand the message we want to give you from our space.

The arrival of a new loneliness

The truth is that it is a paradox that in the historical moment in which we are now, the shadow of loneliness and isolation is deepening more than never in us. Sure that right now you are denying this expression. "Do I just / to?" Not at all, if I speak every day on Facebook with my friends! "." Agree, is true. We cannot deny that we have come to a present in which we have greater ability to connect with each other, no matter where to live or what time of day.
But this dimension is leading in turn to a greater tendency to loneliness and social isolation, with a type of suffering that no one can be outside. Live in a reality in which we are already falling into a kind of label guided by the "share, therefore I exist". Any information, any idea or feeling that we have at any given time, dropped it on our Facebook wall or twitter, a silent cry "of that we are there".
But stop a moment to ask you much time spend you the day that screen of your computer or your cell? Maybe you don't even realize. It may be not aware that your head, your eyes, your mind, are embedded as an umbilical cord to these social networks, to this world that does not smell or taste. And while the present is escaping you as the smoke that disappears through an open window. Have you ever thought it?

Look up: dale love your people, not give them only a "like"

You can make in the world of new technologies all you easier. You can most likely to interact with new people, offering you something stimulating, no doubt. It is possible that he even allows you to have greater security in yourself / to... but remember one thing: that is not life.
Life runs and slips before you while you look at your mobile phone. People laugh at the street, running in the rain, relates in the parks, is whispering secrets in the ear in the cafes along with a Cappuccino... No one will give you a kiss through those cold screens or will thrill you with its caresses. Raises the view of your computer, your phone... and simply, enjoy yours and do not miss any opportunity that crosses your path.
Offers love to your loved ones and not only a 'like'. It costs you nothing and you're sure that nothing there is better for your health, which enjoy life.
If not you have convinced, then be sure to watch this video. We recommend you as a real drug.
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