The risks of using a bra with an inadequate size

Los riesgos de utilizar un sujetador con una talla inadecuada
How do you usually to choose your bra? Look for those that offer you comfort? Or you prefer perhaps those models that make you more attractive bust? The truth is that it doesn't matter if we chose one with filling or one sport, you should always bear in mind is the size if is really suited to our breasts.
According to a study carried out a few years ago by the signing of Corsetry "Pillow Bra" in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Spain) almost 70% of women use fasteners that are not suitable for our bust. They are small, either or rings are not properly adjusted to the shape of our breasts...
It is an important aspect that deserves to be taken into account because it causes more than one consequence on our health. Don't miss the following information.

1. the risks of an inadequate size bra

Fasteners are not only those clothes that embellish our figure and giving us a sexy air. They also serve a practical purpose which we must take into account.
You should know that the fasteners have a type of textile architecture that aims to support, shape and contain the chest through a system of appropriate pressures, which we should not notice at any time. However, occasionally appear chafing, redness, and other problems associated with incorrect size you should know.
We will explain you.

1. the danger of excessive pressure

Think of those clips with rings that we tend to be so frequently. Choose an incorrect size, what can happen, according to doctor Zapardiel Sánchez-Escalonilla, specialist in obstetrics and Gynecology, is the following:
  • The rings pressed chest.
  • This pressure can damage the breast ligaments and accelerate the sagging as well.
  • High pressure of our fastener will cause problems in blood irrigation , and therefore some enquistamientos tissue may appear.

2. a too big bra

If the BRA has a size above ours, it is frequent that appear chafing, and not only that: leads to sagging of the breast and even it is common for us to feel discomfort in tendons of shoulders.
The reason? It is a strange element which does not adapt to our Constitution and, without that we realize, it obliges us to do strange movement that will slowly causing small overloads.

3. the rubbing of a few rings that are not properly adapted

Choose the best bra for our breast is never easy. Some women have large breasts but a small back, whereupon it is very complicated to find the right size. Each body is a world and market does not always offer us the ideal model for us.
Specialists tell us that the greatest risk to our health are those inappropriate rings. Every time we move us rozan and affect the intercostal nerves, by submitting to the breasts to a high level of stress. The danger is even greater if we make the mistake of sleeping with this type of fasteners. The pressure will be greater and, day by day, we are going to notice its effects.

4. What can continued use of an inappropriate bra increase the risk of breast cancer?

No. Experts tell us that there is no relationship between the use of an inappropriate bra with the development of breast cancer. It has nothing to do. However, it can produce cysts, inflammatory processes, pains in the back, shoulders and own breast.
It is important to keep that in mind.

How to choose the right bra?

As I have said before, choose the BRA right is not always easy. There are women that, by its Constitution (large breasts but slim figure, or small breasts but wide back), this task is, on occasions, an adventure with which having to visit many shops up to the most suitable.
It is important therefore that you have in mind these aspects:
  • Your bra size will not be always the same. Hormonal changes cause sometimes we pick up some weight, or that we feel breasts more inflamed during premenstrual syndrome. Ovulation, for example, makes having slightly larger breasts. It should take account of these aspects.
  • Measures your contour. To do this, take a metro and place it below the chest measuring the perimeter and adding + 15. Will give you a number 'X', and this will be the size that will match: 75, 80, 90, 95 (depending on your country's system, may appear with a different size: 34, 36, 38, 40).
  • Cup: is what gives us the famous letter A, B, C, D... how to measure? Very easy, place the meter horizontally between both areoles surrounding back. This figure will fit with a number associated in turn to those letters. There are tables where you can see it.
  • Remember also that the tie rod from behind must not be below the low line of the chest. You must either be very short or even less should leave marks.
  • Also, keep in mind that the rings must be glued to the chest, ring cannot touch your breasts upward, i.e. "dig into your skin".
  • Care with braces. If you have a large chest, BRA and rings are also driven on your skin. Always look for a few appropriate straps that do not bother you and that can withstand well shape and the weight of your breasts.
* A final piece of advice: Try all the clips that you want in the stores, you never take one home without having tried before.
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