Foods that damage the health of the bones

Did you know that sodas hinder the absorption of calcium from the bones? Also, alcohol is harmful. Because we eliminate calcium through urine
Alimentos que dañan la salud de los huesos
All we are very clear that a proper diet is essential to good health for all the organs of our body. When we don't eat properly, there may be different foodstuffs that instead of doing you good for our body can cause problems, often quite serious character.
For this reason, it is very important to learn to recognize and, above all, be able to avoid the consumption of foods that are harmful to our health in general. In this opportunity we will especially discover those foods that can be harmful to the health of our bones.

The soft drinks

These beverages contain a strong amount of phosphoric acid, which impairs calcium absorption, for this reason must decrease the maximum consumption of this kind of drinks.


This drink is the favorite of many people, but it should be taken with great caution, meaning that more that like to drink coffee do not eat more than three cups a day, since it contains substances called xanthines, which have the ability to increase calcium loss by urinary tract, harming our bones.


This is one of the foods that taken in excess can be much harm bones, due to the sodium may contribute to causing a continuous loss of calcium.


This is a drink that people consume overproduced worldwide, liquor abuse is actually detrimental to bone health, since it increases the excretion of calcium through urine. When we have habit to take one or two glasses of red wine during the day, we are providing substances that can benefit health in general and this amount does not have any harmful effect on the structure of bones, so if you can affect them is their exaggerated consumption.


When you have a high consumption of meat, we can be providing the body many proteins with high content of sulfur amino acids, which allows to have an increase in calciuria i.e. the Elimination of calcium to bring urine. When the vegetable proteins we consume the effect may be less, though anyway we must be careful and try to control the consumption of these.

Hydrogenated oils

The oils contain naturally abundant amount of vitamin K, which is essential for healthy bones. However, when they go through the process that makes hydrogenated oils they completely lose this vitamin.
These oils are mainly used for the pastry, but are a hazard to bone health having lost its main property. For this reason, it is advisable to consume the least number of baked goods.
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