The mask of honey for a clean, healthy skin

La mascarilla de miel para una piel limpia y saludable

Since ancient times has been used as a food and as an element both nutritional and healing honey. Many honey nutrients help balance the body and act for the benefit of the digestion. In addition, valuable properties can also be used for the care of Burns, wounds and skin cleaning.

You want to present an conveniently take advantage of these valuable properties through the use of a mask for a skin free of pimples, acne and other impurities, as well as a fresh and healthy appearance.

Because honey has antibacterial properties?

One of the most important elements of honey for the treatment of the MUDs and impurities in the skin is its level of acidity. Since it is a fairly acidic substance, bacteria can not grow and reproduce in environments or surfaces exposed to the honey. Another valuable compounds that includes honey is hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an antibacterial to be in contact with certain body fluids.
When apply honey on your skin, is clean your pores, and its waxy consistency removes dirt and the layers of dead skin. In this way, combat environment in which grow much of the microorganisms that cause acne, the mud and impurities.


How to make honey mask?

How to make a honey mask is very simple. The only thing you have to make sure is that you are not allergic to honey. Simply take several tablespoons of honey and place them in a dish. From there, you can take it with your fingers and apply a coat of honey on your face. Leave the honey from sticking to your face for 10 to 20 minutes. Subsequently, rinse with water until it is completely removed. At the end of your mask, you will notice how your skin looks more radiant and fresh, and will be more prepared to combat the emergence of these small infections that cause the red and white dots look so upset.

There is much wisdom in the use that has been given to the honey for millennia. You also can take advantage of these properties cosmetic and healing from honey to achieve that healthy and beautiful skin. This is possible by using a very common product that's in the kitchen of the majority of households.

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