Did you know that your brain loves coffee? It helps you stay young!

Caffeine is capable of improving our short-term memory. The coffee should be only. At the moment in which we mix it with milk or sugar, their benefits are reduced
¿Sabías que a tu cerebro le encanta el café? ¡Lo ayuda a mantenerse joven!

Know you you love coffee and is this magic drink, without which you could not start the day. Now, we are sure that more than once you've asked yourself if it will be as good as they say for your health.

Coffee is a natural stimulant, that is why sometimes you worry you If you plan to upload your tension, or if it will cause you headache. Is it better then buy decaffeinated coffee?

The real secret to make coffee healthy for everyone is take it in moderation. Just two cups a day (about 200 ml). Thus, the health of your liver you favor, you get power and improvement to your state of mind.

Now, If there is an organ of our body which benefits from the coffee is our brain. We explain why, and we invite you to enjoy these morning cup with total peace of mind.

A coffee for the brain, please...


For all those who we love coffee, what we like most of it is caffeine. Now, we are sure that you will be curious to know the following information:

  • This caffeine is, in fact, a chemical compound known as "1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (C"8H104O2)”. In the world there are more than 60 kinds of coffee, and this type of compound we can find to turn in tea or yerba mate.
  • When we got up even with sleep in the mornings, our brain is a neurochemical called adenosine, which regulates sleepiness. At the moment in which we drink that desirable Cup of coffee, something amazing happens.
  • The caffeine molecules reach the brain and bind to receptors for adenosine, stimulating them to them and to the rest of the brain to activate us cells. Hence their "miraculous" effect.
  • The activating effect of coffee lasts between an hour and three hours, enough to allow us to start the day with energy.

Already known the mechanism by which caffeine can enable us, we are going to discover you now how it benefits this ancestral your brain drink.

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1. the coffee prevents cognitive impairment by stress and by age

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, coffee can delay cognitive decline and cause diseases such as Alzheimer's takes longer to appear.

The work was carried out at the universities of Florida and Miami (United States) and concluded that regular consumption of two cups a day of coffee prevented the onset of dementia or delay its onset in people older than 65 years.

We could say that caffeine acts as a protective so that our brain connections continue to work normally, avoiding its deterioration and the appearance of these plates of myelin that favour the emergence of Alzheimer's.

And what about stress? Is it suitable to drink coffee when we take a day of much anxiety and stress? This data will draw attention.

According to a study published in the British Journal of psychology, Journal of applied social Psychology, drink coffee in moderation (no more than 2 cups a day) is suitable only for women in situations of stress, but not for men.

In this work it was discovered that in women the dopamine, rises which causes us to be more effective at work and more focused on the task. However, in men, increases his nervousness and even aggressive.

2. the coffee helps us to maintain the attention

Memoria (2)

The coffee improve our memory, but only the "short-term memory". I.e., caffeine is capable of improving our cognitive processes such as memory and attention, provided we do not meet.

It will allow us to improve our ability of retention and we can look best in things for the long lasting effect of caffeine.

However, it is important to know that at the moment in that mix the coffee with water, milk or lots of sugar, these benefits are reduced.

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3 caffeine relieves symptoms of Parkinson's disease and delay its appearance


As we explain in the journal Neurology, patients already suffering from Parkinson's disease get to relieve your sommolencia after that Cup of morning coffee.

In addition, shown more social, active and improve even your mobility, provided that the coffee consumption is regular.

The process of this medical condition neurodegenerative can be improved thanks to caffeine, hence continuous studies and experiments that are underway around the world today. Something that fills us, without a doubt, of hope.

In conclusion, our brain loves the coffee because it stimulates not only him, but that improves many of their Basic neural and biochemical processes.

So long as we consume on a regular basis these two cups a day, we will be improving not only our liver health, for example, but we can prevent and delay the onset of many diseases.

Enjoy your coffee!

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