The dangers of stay sitted too long

Los peligros de estar sentado mucho tiempo
The majority of human beings spend most of our time sitting, forgetting that our bodies need movement and exercise to function properly. According to data collected after several investigations, most of people passing around 9.3 hours per day on some kind of Chair, while it is estimated that they only spend 7.7 hours to rest. In this sense, the American Association of Cancer was determined with a study that people who spend more than six hours a day sitting are up to 40% more likely to die over a period of 15 years.
It is not a novelty that the lack of movement is one of the main causes of different chronic diseases. Our body is not ready for both sedentary lifestyle and physical activity is key to the proper functioning of all organs. While all the time remain unemployed is not the solution, the idea is that you take awareness of the importance of making some kind of physical activity and stretching regularly to reduce the negative effects of sitting for a long time. Do you know the dangers of staying long time sitting?

It produces weight gain

According to figures cited by NBC, 50 years only 1% of the population had diabetes and only 13 percent suffered from obesity. By comparing these data with the current, diabetes amounts to 6% and obesity has tripled to 36%. The cause of this increase is sedentary, followed by poor nutrition. Sedentary lifestyle has become one of the main enemies of healthy living and with the advent of technology has become one major problem. The lack of physical activity hinders the metabolism and burning calories, increasing the risk of obesity and overweight.

It causes metabolic changes

These sitting is one of the worst forms of physical inactivity. This position significantly reduces the electrical activity of muscles, which causes a noticeable change in metabolism. When the body is seated, you can only reach burn one-third of the calories you burn when it is in motion or in full hike.

It can cause posture problems

A study released by the BBC sets that sit right is not a way that safeguards the integrity of the body. To be seated for a long time can cause long-term severe pains in the lower part of the back. In this sense, doctors recommend to adopt a more "relaxed" position, so that when sitting is purchased up to 135 degrees. This pose exerts less pressure on the back and prevents illnesses.

It's bad for heart health

Sedentary lifestyle can affect long-term cardiovascular system. So could confirm that an investigation made by scientists at the University of Queensland (Australia) and published in the European Heart Journal. The doctors analyzed the time people spent sitting and breaks taken to standing to walking or stretching; as a result they found that people who remain long time sitting and make few moves have a high risk of heart problems arterial occlusion and other cardiovascular complications. In addition, this sedentary lifestyle also was related to the increased risk of diabetes, metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes, high levels of triglycerides and decrease in good cholesterol.

Tips to reduce sitting time

Although some people remain seated for a long time for reasons of taste, there are those who have no choice over labor issues. Whatever the case, there are several tips to help lessen the time sitting to reduce the negative impact of this bad habit health.
  • Stand up as many times as you can and walk into the office, either to serve you a glass of water or just move a little.
  • Whenever you receive phone calls, do it standing.
  • Perform stretching exercises every two or three hours (you only take a few minutes).
  • Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs.
  • Take advantage of the free time to do simple exercises.
  • If you work at home, take advantage to move as much as you can, either to the kitchen, the bathroom or move a few minutes around the House.
  • Try to adopt a 30 minutes of daily exercise routine in the morning or in the evening.
  • If you have pets, do not hesitate to go out with them to the Park to move while you walk them.
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