Foods that help us to clean up mucus

Did you know that pineapple is one of the best foods for people with asthma? Its properties help reduce inflammation of the Airways and help dissolve mucus
Alimentos que nos ayudan a limpiar mucosidades
The problem of the mucus is something very common. A simple cold, sinusitis, and even asthma, causes our Airways are blocked, which costs us to breathe and causes us a great unrest. how to avoid it? There are different foods that are going to be of great assistance. We will explain you.

Get the mucus through the following foods

But what is actually mucus, why we suffer it? Well, first tell you that the thick fluid mucus is secreted by several cell of our bodies, as a response to an infection or a virus. The problem arises when this is too thick when it's over and we can not eliminate it easily. And there is more, if the mucus is dark or yellowish, it is symptom of an infection.
Allergies, colds are situations in which it is usual to the formation of mucus. If we can eliminate it, it can clog our respiratory tract and even stored in lungs or even in the form of painful sinusitis. You have to go carefully.
It is important to know that there are many foods that can help relieve this presence, this infection, and that excess mucus. Remember that food plays an important role in improving our State. Let us take note.

1. the ginger and lemon

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Rich in antioxidants, natural source of vitamin C and, more importantly, act as natural antibiotics able to cleanse our body toxic, virus and bacteria. They are excellent. They also act as cell protectors avoiding the accumulation of mucus.
Do not hesitate to maybe get a couple of infusions a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. First make the decoction of ginger, then add the juice of half a lemon. You'll see that it suits you well.

2. the healing properties of pineapple

It is said that the pineapple is one of the best allies for asthmatics. All its properties are due to the Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that manages to alleviate bronchitis and pneumonia. If you take a natural glass of fresh pineapple juice, you'll get a good anti-inflammatory ideal for your lungs or your asthma. You breathe better and come down any inflammation of the respiratory tract. Do not hesitate, the pineapple is a therapeutic wonder.

3. the remedy of grapefruit and watermelon

The case of grapefruit is very special and you should keep that in mind. Eating a grapefruit a day will do much for your health, and it has the virtue of reducing salt from the body and eliminate mucus and swelling of our respiratory tract.
They act as a great natural anti-inflammatory. As curiosity we will tell you that a very pleasant way prepare a simple remedy for mucus is to mix fresh watermelon juice of grapefruit juice. Eliminate toxins and act as solvents of mucus. You'll love it.

4. the juice of oranges and kiwis

An ideal medical juice for morning. A natural injection of vitamin C and antioxidants which we must not neglect. Combined with the kiwis oranges are mixed to act as warriors against the mucus, eliminating toxins and lowering inflammation. It is worthwhile to try.

5. the best vegetables that can not miss you

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Takes note of vegetables that should not miss in your diet when you suffer from mucus: garlic, celery, onion, the asparagus and cauliflower. Take them always fresh, since with them you will gain a wonderful defense against any infectious disease.
If for example, you prepare a soup with these plants, will manage to eliminate mucus and dissolve it. They are fans of immunity that should not miss in our food. Also are natural antibiotics.

6. the best medicinal herbs

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We clear, open our Airways, act as natural antibiotics and are large resources of natural medicine who serve as helpful. If you're a tea with them you will get a great help, also, how not, you can add them in your meals or salads since they always retain their properties. Would like to know what herbs will help eliminate mucus? Notes: Peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme and Rosemary.
They can lower inflammation and are also suitable for children. You can find them at natural stores and they are not overly expensive. Use them and you won't regret it.

Foods that you should avoid when you have mucus

Must be careful. There are certain foods that can aggravate further the reality of our mucus. Sometimes we do not know it and unintentionally, its incidence and disease still more empeoramos. Thus, it is worth taking note. You must avoid the following foods:
  • Dairy milk, yoghurts, creams, ice creams...
  • The animal as the meat foods. It is common that this type of food will increase even more mucus in our organism, even known as Gastric mucus.
  • Fats and oils: the lard and butter are two major facilitators of mucus, avoid them. Olive oil will always be best for example.
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