The best fruits to treat anemia

In addition to providing us with iron, fruits contain vitamins which help us secure in our body. The acerola is having higher levels of vitamin C and iron

Las mejores frutas para tratar la anemia

All can come to suffer anemia at some point in our lives. Poor eating, some abundant menstruations, a kidney or liver problem... lack of iron brings consequences that we must not overlook. What if for example we start to consume more fruit? You will learn what are the most appropriate to treat the anemia.

What fruits I eat to treat my anemia?


Fruits for anemia

Can fruits reach correct our iron deficiency? Not completely, but in reality they are essential to be able to settle the level of iron in our body. Many nutritionists advise for example to accompany those foods that contain iron with a splash of lemon. The cockles, mussels, spinach... If put it a little lemon juice will achieve further leverage the iron level.
Thus, the fruit stand as an essential complement to reduce and treat anemia. Nature always brings natural elements from which to obtain all the nutrients we need, thus, fruits, can bring us not only iron, but vitamins which will help us fix the level of this mineral in our body, and cover the deficit. do take note? go beyond!

1 oranges and lemons

citricos veronicasheppard
Citrus fruits, wonderful citrus fruit rich in vitamin C. As you mentioned become these essential pieces to complement our diets. accompanies each of your breakfast with a orange juice, get a good bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and Pecans with almonds... Then sauté your salads with a drizzle of lemon juice, all this will be that your anemia improve.

2 plums

One of the best fruits medicinal. do know all their properties? Are digestive, they treat the constipation, inflammations, give us energy, and what is best, they have a very high dose of iron. They are magnificent! You can consume them naturally or dry, ideal for your breakfast, as snacks to half a day to get in power. Do not hesitate, after citrus plums, they are great for your anemia.

3 blend of apples and pears


Healthy, tasty, versatile and healing. Remember the old saying "eat an Apple a day and live 100 years." Pears we can almost say the same thing. As well, may not know the benefits of eating a delicious Apple and Pear smoothie. Ideal for your breakfast, Peel the Apple and Pear, add a glass of water and take them to the blender. You'll love it and will be perfect for raising your levels of hemoglobin.

4. the fruit Acerola


Do you know this curative and therapeutic fruit? If not, take note immediately because it stands alone, as one of the fruits with higher levels of vitamin C and iron. Acerola is a type of cherry in the West Indies, which is cultivated today in different climates. Available as you already have such high levels of vitamin C, but it also has another type of nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B1,vitamin A, flavonoids and essential minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium), which are essential for the organism. And can we take it? You may ask, because fresh, juices or even in compotes. It's perfect to treat anemia, to decrease the symptoms of fatigue, stress,  and to strengthen our immune system.
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