Simple exercises to reduce cellulite

A combination of physical exercise to strengthen muscles and a balanced diet can improve the appearance of cellulite.
Ejercicios sencillos para reducir la celulitis
One of the nightmares of the women, no doubt, is cellulite. Those wells that form especially in the legs, thighs and buttocks and don't let us enjoy the summer, of bath, privacy or a short skirt costume. Learn some exercises to reduce cellulite and be beautiful throughout the year.

Data on cellulite

The vast majority of women have cellulite, and the thinner figures in fashion and television. It's the formation of fatty nodules of fat in different parts of the body, but it is not considered a disease. There are different types: soft, hard or sclera (popularly known as "orange peel").
Cellulite is an alteration in the circulation of the fat layer, called the hypodermis. When fatty tissue grows and the side walls will thicken form those characteristic "dimples". It is important to then do physical exercises to strengthen the muscles in the thighs and buttocks. Treatment is combined with a balanced diet. However, still the ultimate solution not found for this problem. It is advisable to climb and the stairs, walking, jogging, running or aerobic sports. Not been demonstrated that creams can help in the box, because the results appear in the long term and with the constant application. The same happens with the massage or lymphatic drainage, which while they may improve, are not the solution. Many women resort to liposuction but not solve this condition.

Exercises for cellulite in the abdomen

Each of the days in which you decide to exercise, you must start an aerobic routine, this means walking, riding (fixed or not) or jogging for 30 minutes without stopping. For a workout three times a week, you can do besides the following exercises:
  • Day 1: abdominal complete (4 series of 15 reps each), abdominal with slowdown, by stages (3 sets of 10 reps), (3 of 20) lying leg extensions, elevation of legs (3 of 15), lateral dumbbell (4 of 20).
  • Day 2: lateral rotation with hands to the neck (10 consecutive minutes), complete abdominal (3 series of 10 repetitions), abdominal by stages (3 sets of 10), flexion of the legs on the bench (4 of 20).
  • Day 3: abdominal complete (4 series of 15 reps), lateral dumbbell (3 of 20), abdominal side (3 of 10), lateral rotations (10 consecutive minutes) and lifting of legs (4 series 15).
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