Refined flour or whole wheat flour?

¿Harina refinada o harina integral?
This is a very common consultation between those who want a healthier diet either, which suffer from any digestive disorder that does not allow them to eat any kind of flour. Therefore, you have to know the differences between both options, to find out which choose.

Refined flour or whole wheat flour? Differences

It whole wheat flour is one that is obtained when milled whole wheat grains, simply to be more edible and digestible. Has a non-homogeneous Brown and you can make all kinds of preparations such as breads, pasta, biscuits, or tortillas. To eat foods based on whole wheat flour contribute to our body fiber, vitamins B and E, fatty acids, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese. In addition, does not have a high index Glycemic, favouring a more prolonged satiation and avoiding excess glucose or insulin in blood.
On the other hand, the flour refined (or also called white flour), is manufactured by removing bran and wheat germ, only grinding the endosperm. Is used for the vast majority of the preparations to consume or selling daily: cakes, pastries, cookies, breads, etc. Its popularity is due to that lasts longer, her "Immaculate" and homogeneous color and is more profitable for sale. In terms of nutrition, refined flour is pure starch, or high carbohydrate calorie, fibers and micronutrients.

Recipes with whole wheat flour options

In fact, any preparation that white flour can be made with whole wheat flour. Those who love the kitchen, can begin to use this ingredient to your meals. The taste is different, so you also need to get used to it.
Can be prepared with wholemeal flour muffins savory or sweet, classic breads, waffles, breads with spices, vegetable breads, bread with dried fruits, breads with multiseeds and cereals, pancakes, scones, puddings, cakes, pizzas, pasta, cookies, among others.
It is necessary to know what are the proportions for each case and always find an easy recipe for those who are taking the first steps without the use of refined flour. There won't be too many variations in terms of preparation, but it may take more time to learn to think "in a comprehensive way". Can also be used favorite recipes by changing the flour, to compare tastes and above all, how we feel over the next few days intake.
It is advisable to use honey to sweeten and sea salt for savoury preparations. In this way, add new elements to the daily diet, good health, and above all, healthier.
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