6 reasons why the warm water on an empty stomach is better than cold water

The warm water can help prevent premature aging. A glass of hot water in fasting helps us to eliminate toxins, repairs the skin cells and increases its elasticity
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Many of us have the good habit to start the day with fresh water or a good cup of tea or coffee that will help us to wake up. When we choose to drink water, we almost always prefer to drink cold water, since it is more delicious and refreshing; However, the most appropriate way of drinking water in fasting is warm, because in this way we will provide you more health benefits.
Drinking warm water in an empty stomach daily digestive benefits it provides and stimulates the Elimination of toxins that may affect our immune system. According to experts, the ideal is to start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon or tea, which decreases the activity of free radicals in the body and provides a protective barrier against multiple diseases.
Although warm water is not pleasant to the palate, there are many reasons to start consuming it in this way, either alone, with lemon or infusion. Then we give you 6 good reasons to drink warm water in fasting instead of cold water.

It improves digestion

A good cup of hot or warm water in fasting can help clean your body of all those toxins that can affect health. Water and other liquids can be stimulants of the digestive system, since they help to digest food better and promote its elimination. Moreover, the cold water after meals could cause a bad instead of giving benefits to the body. Consumption of cold water can harden the oil consumed foods, hinder digestion and create fat deposits. Therefore, experts recommend replacing that glass of cold water for one of hot or warm water.

Combats constipation

Many of the foods we eat are very difficult to digest and for this reason nowadays many people suffer from intestinal transit slow. This problem, also known as constipation, causes difficulties to dispose of the body, abdominal swelling and pain that can be quite annoying. Warm or hot water consumption in fasting can help improve the bowel movements to combat constipation. To stimulate the digestion of food, this habit may be key for the disposal of waste.

Ideal for relieving joint pains

A glass of warm or hot water can be the best home remedy to relieve headache or menstrual pain. Heat has a restful seep into the body, which helps to relax the muscles of the abdominal to provide relief of cramps and muscle spasms. According to some studies, consumption of warm water stimulates the circulation, so it is ideal for treating the encalambrados muscles.

It helps to lose weight

Many of us have already heard that drinking water warm in fasting is ideal for weight loss. This is true, since hot water increases body temperature and, therefore, increases the metabolic rate. When this happens, also stimulates the burning of calories. In addition, warm water consumption in fasting improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys. For these cases it is consuming warm water with lemon.

It improves blood circulation

Drink a glass of warm water stimulates the Elimination of fat deposits from the body, along with deposits that affect the nervous system. Thanks to this it is possible to eliminate the toxins circulating throughout the body, improving circulation and cleansing the blood. To have relaxing properties, the hot water helps to relax the muscles and stimulates blood flow.

It prevents premature aging

Envejecimiento prematuro
A simple habit like drinking warm water on an empty stomach can help prevent premature aging and all his symptoms. When our body builds up a large amount of toxins you are more likely to get sick and grow old before time. Luckily, a glass of hot water in the morning can stimulate the purification of the body to eliminate toxins and prevent different diseases. In addition, the consumption of hot water is ideal for repair cells of the skin and increase its elasticity.
In either case, the ideal is to leverage the benefits of the warm water on fasting with lemon or a good tea properties.
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