12 benefits that bring you spinach

12 beneficios que te aportan las espinacas
Different spinach health benefits are due to the presence of minerals, vitamins, pigments and phytonutrients, including potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium that it contains.
One of the major reasons why spinach is as important and valued around the world is that it is very durable. You can even survive the winter and be just as healthy in the spring. In addition, is you can eat raw as part of many salads as a vegetable with a delicious dish, or you can cook and included in a series of recipes for soups, stews and casseroles. Known then some of the benefits of spinach.

It prevents the gastric ulcer

Found that spinach and other vegetables have the ability to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach, thereby decreasing the appearance of gastric ulcers. In addition, the glycocyclerolipids have been found in the benefits of spinach can increase the resistance of the lining of the digestive tract, thus avoiding any inflammation not desired on the part of the body that can cause damage.

Protect your brain

Several components of the spinach as potassium, folate, and several antioxidants provide neurological benefits of spinach to the people who consume it regularly. According to neurology, folate reduces the appearance of Alzheimer's disease, so the spinach is a good choice for people who are at high risk for neuronal or cognitive impairment. Potassium is an integral part of the health of the brain and has been linked to the increase in blood flow to the brain, augmented cognition, concentration and neuronal activity.

It reduces eye diseases

Salud ojos
Spinach is a rich source of beta carotene, lutein and xanthene, so it is very beneficial for the eyes. When you eat cooked spinach its beta carotene goes straight to the eyes; You can help it people who suffer from vitamin A deficiency, as well as itchy eyes, dry eyes and eye ulcers. Also good spinach for the vision, because some of the anti-inflammatory properties which it contains and which can reduce swelling or irritation in the eyes.

It regulates blood pressure

Spinach has a high content of potassium and low sodium content. This composition of minerals is a benefit for patients with high blood pressure since potassium decreases blood pressure while increases it the sodium.
Folic acid present in the benefits of spinach also contributes to the reduction of high blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels, while maintaining adequate blood flow. By the reduction of blood pressure and the relaxation of the tension of the vessels and arteries, can reduce the stress on the cardiovascular system and increase oxygenation of the organ systems of the body for optimal functionality.

Combats some cancers

Celulas cancerosas
Spinach is composed of several important elements that have been found promising in the treatment and prevention of various types of cancer. These include cancers of the bladder, prostate, liver and lung. The different components of the spinach as folate, tocopherol, and the chlorophyllin, act through different mechanisms to treat and protect patients suffering from cancer.

It reduces inflammation

There are many anti-inflammatory compounds that are found in spinach, more than one dozen benefits, in fact. For this reason, spinach is one of the most powerful plants when it comes to reduce inflammation throughout the body. This not only means that you can protect the heart from a dangerous inflammation or prevent cancer, but it can also help in reducing inflammation and pain associated with conditions like arthritis and gout, which affect millions of people around the world.

It fortifies your bones

Fortificiar huesos
Spinach is a good source of vitamin K, which operates in the retention of calcium in the bone matrix, which leads to bone mineralization. Apart from this, other minerals such as manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus also help in building strong bones. This in turn can prevent someone developing osteoporosis. These minerals are also essential for maintaining teeth and healthy nails.

It prevents atherosclerosis and cerebrovascular accidents

Atherosclerosis is caused by hardening of the arteries. It has been shown that a pigment called lutein which is spinach helps to reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis, attacks the heart and accidents cerebrovascular. This is because the spinach proteins tend to reduce cholesterol and other fatty deposits in the blood vessels.

It improves the metabolic activity

There is a reason why doctors recommend the addition of spinach in a meaningful way to your diet. The amount of protein that is found in spinach is easily broken down by enzymes into amino acids that are essential for the human being.

Combat the degeneration macular and cataracts

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is responsible for causing blindness. This is due to the degeneration of lutein and xanthene which form a central part of the retina. According to research by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, spinach consumption can result in the recovery of two vital pigments and effectively prevent the (RP). Spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants that reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, which are known to impair vision and cause vision related conditions with age like glaucoma and degeneration macular also.
The lutein and zeaxanthin in the benefits of spinach act as strong antioxidants, which prevents eyes from hard effects of UV rays can lead to cataracts. They also reduce the impact of free radicals, which can be a major cause of cataracts and other eye diseases.

It strengthens your muscles

A component of spinach, called factor of C0-Q10, which is an antioxidant, plays an important role in the strengthening of muscles, especially the muscles of the heart that continuously pumps blood to all parts of the body. According to the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, C0-Q10 can be used to prevent and treat many cardiovascular diseases like Hyperlipidemia, heart failure, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Take care of your skin

Piel reseca
It has been shown that different phytonutrients and pigments containing the benefits of spinach protect the skin from harmful rays of the Sun, including the rays UV. These not only protect, but also to help repair damaged to a certain extent, genes which prevent long-term skin cancer.
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