Recommendations for stop smoking

It is very important to identify the situations that encourage us to smoke and try to avoid them. Foods rich in vitamin B and magnesium can help us control anxiety
Recomendaciones para dejar de fumar
According to the World Health Organization, die 6 million people each year from causes related to smoking, this figure is estimated that about 600,000 are passive smokers. Smoking is one of the most common and harmful addictions that may exist; cigarette can contain up to four thousand toxic components, its combustion product, making it lethal to health in many functions of the body.

Are smokers there consequences are?

Pulmones cigarros
People addicted to cigarettes, with the passage of time will suffer serious health consequences that can even lead to death; among this we find:
  • Bad breath or halitosis: smokers tend over time to suffer from halitosis because nicotine consumption, this will be a difficult to solve problem and can generate a rejection in the social environment.
  • Lung Cancer: smoking is the leading cause of cancer related to the respiratory system.
  • Other types of cancer as of mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervical/uterine, renal and gall-bladder.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system: tobacco and nicotine that this contains, decreasing the thickness of arteries and coronary vessels, increases heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Respiratory system diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, among others.
  • Diseases cerobrovasculares, such as aneurysm.
  • Male impotence and loss of sexual desire.

What benefits does quitting smoking?

Any time is good to leave the bad habit of smoking, as we have said previously, this addiction is very serious and deadly health, therefore If you are a consumer of tobacco more you voucher that you begin to strive to put it aside for a life more healthy and free from diseases.
These are some of the benefits of smoking cessation:
  • Only two days to stop consuming Cigarette and/or tobacco, nicotine and carbon monoxide are gone , and as a result increases the level of oxygen in the blood and improves the physical appearance.
  • Three or four days the mucus in the throat and bronchi, are decreasing with this there will be fewer breathing difficulties.
  • The five or seven days, the functions of the senses of smell and taste improve.
  • In three months improves lung function by 5%.
  • A year is divided by two cardiovascular disease risk.
  • A five years reduces the risk of cancer of the throat, esophagus and bladder is half. At this same time the smoker has already lost the need to test the tobacco and can escape completely from it.
  • In addition to reducing the chances of cancer, it also has emotional health benefits, will help you to have more control over their lives and also saves a lot of money a year.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

Plan para dejar de fumar
Plan to quit smoking
If you feel ready to quit smoking, these are some highly effective tips that will help you to quit smoking until it's too late for your health.
  • Sets a date to start to let the cigar: the date chosen should quit smoking completely, in the days before you must gradually reduce the daily consumption.
  • Get rid of cigarettes and ashtrays: clean prevents all kinds of elements which remember the tobacco, in addition to this very well everything that has the particular smell of cigar.
  • Looking for healthy alternatives: you can eat fruit instead of a cigar, on the market there are some chewing gums that help avoid the anxiety of smoking. Drink water or infusions, this will also serve to end the anxiety.
  • Identifies the moments in which most gives you wish to quit and devises a strategy to avoid them. Attempts to keep you occupied with activities that are nice to you, exercise, share with your friends, shopping salt or share with your family.
  • Plans to an exercise routine and I know very disciplined: this will help you to improve your health and also frees you from the desire to smoke.
  • If addiction is strong looking for support groups: these places develop good strategies to kick the tobacco habit, they will give you more stringent alternatives to put aside this vice.
  • To calm anxiety, chewing carrots, apples or celery.
  • Tell your friends not to smoke near you and you let alone offer cigar, has your plan on the desire to quit.
  • Take breaks at work and take advantage of this time to get some fresh air, drink water, and eat healthy foods.
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