5 tips to take care of your colon

5 tips para cuidar de tu colon
The colon has a vital role in our body: extract salt and toxic waste water until we eliminate them, thus maintaining a balance in the digestion. But eye, according to experts, should be careful with all those so-called products which we sell as "colon cleansers". We ourselves who, through some simple guidelines, we can take care of him. We teach you!

Tips to take care of the colon

The colon, is not at all a fireplace that has swept, or a pipe that stress, we have to be clear. We have to remember that the colon, are inhabited by thousands of essential microorganisms which will work to fight against bacteria and yeasts that could harm us. If we we strive to "clean up" the colon through products that we can sell this idea, run the risk of just kill these microorganisms that protect us. We have to go carefully. Our goal to take care of the colon will thus have two objectives: take care of these essential microorganisms, and avoid overloading this essential organ of wastes and toxins.

1 good breakfast in the morning

As we all know, but this time we will not set at breakfast as the ideal way to start the day with a good dose of energy. Moreover, the breakfast is a perfect mechanism to go regulating our intestines and make them work to avoid constipation and take care of our bacterial flora. To do this we must eat some fruit, fiber and some hot drink to stimulate the bowel movement. Medium mango, for example, any milk plant with slightly oatmeal and an infusion of Chamomile and anise, it would be more than perfect to start well the day taking care of our intestines and colon.

2 tips when going to the bathroom

First, when you want to evacuate, not anymore. Retain the desire to go to the bathroom is very negative for our colon e intestines. Lee eventually hardening, we accumulate more toxins in our flora and we are damaging it. Another point to remember, doctors warn us that is not recommended to "make efforts". There are many people who, to the not to evacuate, make great force and can thus reach some injuries or cracks appear in the year. A Council? Where you drop at a given time, drink hot, wait a few minutes and returns to the bathroom. The ideal is to sit in the bowl of the toilet by placing your feet on a stool, since this position facilitates better evacuation.

3. the importance of a fermented yogurt

We know it, milk is not good, it makes us poor digestion and allergies. Pero already fermented yogurts, they are a few natural probiotics that allow us to care for and maintain our essential to care for the health of our colon, intestinal flora. Improves digestion and is a simple remedy should not have to fear despite being a dairy. There are many homemade recipes that we can benefit, since often, those who sell in supermarkets contain sweeteners and stabilizers that ruin completely the properties of natural probiotics, so always worth worth do our yodures home if possible.

4 fruits and vegetables

We all know the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. But also think about the health of your colon to motivate you even more when it comes to incorporate it into your dishes daily. Nutritionists also warn us that it is worth eating them especially in his naturally, i.e. If you eat tomato that feels natural (not fried), if you eat radishes and peppers, cut into tiny pieces and eat them in a natural way (not cooked) as natural vegetables and fruits offer us essential enzymes for digestion to do and take care of our intestines and colon.

5 how much water do you drink a day?

We have told you many times in our space: a day you should drink two litres of water. but you do really? Is basic and essential that contributions proper hydration to your body, thus we facilitate digestion, remove toxins and improve the functioning of our body. Our body needs to be purged, remember. As Council can tell you that, if cost you drink two liters of water a day, partitioning it into tiny bottles including on them a little bit of lemon juice, it will be more easy.

6 foods that take care of the colon

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There are certain foods that can help us to take care of our colon, those that are worth include weekly in our dishes, notes:
  • Handles: are excellent to treat constipation, take care of our intestines, our intestinal flora and our colon.
  • Strawberries: Always eat them fresh, are a natural source of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which help us in addition to detoxify our body. Ideal if you take them as fruit, but remember, not add them sugar or cream.
  • Flax seed: source of protein, essential fatty acids and fiber. It is easy to digest and we can include them in food and milkshakes. Care for the colon, of our gut and stands as one of the most natural and effective natural laxatives. Do you have already tried them?
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