5 aspects that affect the health of your ovaries

5 aspectos que afectan a la salud de tus ovarios
The ovaries are part of our female nature, are organs of fertility and these sexual glands which, in turn, regulate many of our functions, such as menstruation and the production of hormones as the progesterone and estrogens.
Unfortunately, and as you may know, the ovaries are related to various diseases that we can not always avoid. Ovarian cysts, tumors or even the premature failure of their function, They are risks to which we are exposed women around the world. Hence the importance of reviews and, in turn, always maintain proper habits of life.
In this article we want to find out what are the main risks we often run and that, somehow, they tend to affect the health of our ovaries.
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1. obesity

As we know, being overweight carries always hazardous to our health in general. However, is how related to obesity illnesses associated with the ovaries?
  • It is important to know the obesity alters not only our metabolism, but also our hormones. This means, for example, that in the moment that we started storing in adipose tissue excess will also alter the endocrine system, favoring arising changes in menstruation.
  • Many experts warn that these hormonal changes often generate from up to possible polycystic ovarian tumors. What's more, many doctors warn that, on occasions, female infertility is associated with obesity.

2. the weight of the genetic factors

Genetics, illnesses suffered from our mothers, grandmothers or aunts, determined a high degree associated with our female reproductive system diseases that we may suffer us. Thus, for example, you know that if any of our relatives have had ovarian cancer, there is a high probability that also we can get it sooner or later.
It is known that there are small mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes that tend to be hereditary. That is why many women usually ask a full genetic analysis to find out the exact probability of suffering it. In our space, as you will remember, we explain the case of Angelina Jolie and how this famous actress opted finally for the removal of their ovaries undergoing an early menopause.

3. have children at later ages

Currently, not all women can have children the same ages as our mothers or grandmothers. The difficulties of the working environment, the independence of the home or even having a job that prevents us from having enough time to take care of our children, makes little by little, maternity normally reaches beyond age 30.
Is this a risk to our health? Generally, explain how experts, to older ovulations throughout our lives increased risk for disease in ovaries. As well maybe, and according to statistics, it seems that have children before the age of 26 is usually avoid that we padezcamos ovarian cancer in a rather high probability.
This protection is no longer effective when, for example, we have our first son beyond age 35.

4. the danger of the talcum powder

You have already talked about this topic in other articles in our space. Talcum powder is associated with ovarian cancer for several reasons that are worth to note:
  • TALC is composed of silicate of magnesium, which contains a toxic substance called asbestos that usually leads to the emergence of different types of cancers, not just the ovaries. Indeed, it is also known that you can promote breast cancer, since many people use it as a deodorant.
  • Interestingly, in United States federal laws made that powder TALCfree of asbestos were manufactured since the 1970's. However, not all countries have regulated in the same way.
  • The fact that women who suffer to a greater degree the incidence of cancer associated with the talcum powder is due, above all, to the use of this product in our babies over quite some time: "inhaled" unless we realize at the time that we apply it to children.
Remember to always look at the composition of powder that you use powders, to see if it contains asbestos.

5. a high fat diet

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From our space we recommend always live a healthy life, there where not forget never to practice some exercise and, above all, feed you so balanced, varied, and leaving aside the always dangerous fats.
We know that we like, that this bun or cake comes very well to media later, those dishes made with refined flour and salt are more tasty... However, you should know that that kind of power favors the appearance of tumors, and even more it sole choose the ovaries to "nest" in the case of us, women.
So, elevates your rations of water, juices and fruit and vegetables already that, in another form, all food that you consume rich in fats sooner or later modify the activity of our estrogen. beware better!
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