Natural remedies to treat body odor

Remedios naturales para tratar el mal olor corporal
The heat, excessive sweating, leave the House very sheltered, walking from here to there all day, wear socks that are not cotton... All this (and much more) can lead to having bad smell in any part of the body. The good news is that there are natural remedies that you can not miss. Know them in this article!

Body odor: where, how, and why

While the odor can appear anywhere, there are critical areas where it is more concentrated: armpits, feet and genitals. It is caused by the action of certain microorganisms that "love" live in damp means (such as the already mentioned). When the selected site is transpirado, if the temperature also increases, they can be played. It is at this moment occurs when the bad smell, since bacteria emit certain gases.
In addition, in these areas (especially in armpits and feet) is where more amount of sweat glands conglomerate. When it is very hot or we do exercise, the work of these glands is to launch water (sweat) to reduce degrees Celsius and avoid problems. By that when we have a fever usually perspire much.
But attention, because the perspiration also has another function: remove toxins from the body. This natural process where small droplets of saltwater out of the pores transports to turn all the "bad" that accumulates in the body. You could say that it is a way to 'breathe' that has the body and the skin.

Sweat and odor

Sudor axilas
When we perspire, we have bad odor. There is no other possible equation, because of what you already explained before. Mostly sweat when it's hot or hormonal changes (in women, for example, during menopause or at certain stages of the menstrual cycle and in both sexes at puberty).
We also perspire when we are under stress, pressures or concerns, fear, anxiety or nerves. Excess weight is another cause of increased sweating.
Wear shoes that are not of good quality, have good ventilation, or are made with synthetic materials does not help much to improve the picture, since they do not allow the feet to evacuate perspiration and turns them into broths, perfect for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. If add you to this the fact that socks that are not cotton (for example, those of lycra) are poor absorbers of perspiration, there have the answer why the bad smell of our feet is so strong.
The same thing happens with SOCKS happens with clothes. If it is made with synthetic materials you can increase sweating armpits and genitalia, especially. Then choose cotton or any other natural fiber clothing.
Did you know that food plays a significant part in the body odor? Of course. Because, if we consume many refined sugars, fried foods, animal fats, sausages or food processed, the body will have to delete much more quantity of accumulated toxins (including in these foods). Best to avoid this is to take a diet high in vegetables, fruits (raw, in both cases), cereals integrals, seeds and legumesas well as also to drink two litres of water a day.
A natural solution to avoid or reduce the body odor is to increase personal hygiene. If you bathe once a day, try to make it two in the summer, for example. You can also wash with SOAP and water, problem areas first neutral and then with perfume (if this does not cause irritation).
It's not used antiperspirants in spray or cream in the armpits, since they have the ability to clog the pores in that area and cause worse smell. In this way, you create a kind of vicious circle where every time you wear more deodorant, will clog more armpits and again more smell, and so on. Choose natural or homemade options. A recipe that never fails is to mix:
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 5 rosemary leaves
  • 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water
Let cool, strain and passes to a jar. Every day, you soak a cotton ball in this fluid and passes through the armpits or feet.
Also can have always with you spare clothes to change you if you'll be many hours away from home. (For example, from Lavender) essential oils may help prevent body odor.
Two home remedies that do not fail to prevent body odor are chlorophyll and green tea. The first is used to clean the body and eliminate toxins (can get in the dietary capsules. A more natural option is in a tray wheat, mowing the lawn, and make a smoothie). The second is an excellent cleanser that not only helps you burn fat and increase the body temperature, but also to eliminate the excess of toxins. Drink one or two cups a day of green tea.
If the odor is in the armpits for having used much deodorant, you can exfoliate with a mixture of baking soda and lemon. Be careful not go out later, because the fruit acid stain the skin. You can also mix baking soda with water to form a paste and use it as antiperspirant natural and effective. It also serves for the feet.
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