Natural remedies to reduce fever

Remedios naturales para reducir la fiebre
High body temperatures are indicating that it is fighting against infection or disease. It is normal to have between 37.1 and 37.3 ° C, but increased to more than that, certain natural remedies can be leveraged to reduce fever. You will also know homemade recipes in the following article.

Tips, recipes and remedies to reduce fever

Take a bath of warm water

The body with a damp sponge (to the head, underarm or hands), also they get wet. If the water is cold, the body will react with more temperature to avoid cooling, so it is not advisable.

Use an onion

Cut an onion into slices and place on the floor. Pisa barefoot so juice entering the body. Keep as much as you can in this position. If the treatment is made in young children, the onions can be entered in socks.
La cebolla es de gran utilidad en el tratamiento de las heridas, pues evita que allí se formen cicatrices...

Potato fever-reducing

It is another very effective homemade recipe, especially for children. Cut a potato into slices and place on the soles of the feet. Fasten with a handkerchief or socks.

Kitchen with more spicy

Chile, for example, serves to reduce the fever, so it is a good idea to add it to your meals. It will make you perspire, stimulate blood circulation and release the infection through the sweat glands.

Recipe for potato and wine

Cut a potato into slices and soak in a glass of red wine. Unless you arrive to get wet and dirty everything, applied to the sides of the head (temples). You can clamp it with a white cloth.
vino Desegura

Drinking cold water

It can also be an ice-cream, to cool the body from the inside (this if it can be unlike the bath with cold water).

Clay compresses

Mix in a bowl some clay and a few drops of water to form a slurry. Placed on the nape of the neck, forehead and belly for a few minutes, so you can "absorb" the fever.

Wet socks

Soak your feet in warm or hot water. Then place in a bowl with water socks. Squeeze them so they do not once and put them on your feet. Leave to dry alone with the body temperature.

Recipe of eucalyptus and ruda

In a glass with lid container place some branches of ruda and others of eucalyptus, also two tablets of camphor. Pour rum or cognac until the middle of the container. Cover and let stand for two days in a cool place. When you have a fever, you just have to heat a little of this preparation and is applied using a cotton on wrists, underarms, temples, neck, ankles, etc.

Green clay to reduce fever

Make a compress with a bit of Green Clay and water, wet but that do not get wet. Placed on the chest and change it when it is hot. The times than necessary.

Compresses with cottage cheese

The ricotta or cottage cheese is a good ally to lower the fever. Mix five teaspoons, a few drops of vinegar Apple and milk to form a paste that is not too thick. Moja some cloths of linen in this preparation and applied as if they were the calf compresses. It covers with a scarf or something woolen. It changes each time they become hot.

Infusion of thyme and Chamomile

Make an infusion with a tablespoon of Chamomile and thyme, both dry. Mix in a bowl with boiling water and let stand for five minutes. Strain and drink warm several times per day. The Chamomile reduces inflammation and thyme has antiseptic properties.

Sage, lemon and honey tea

Make an infusion with 5 grams of honey, 25 grams of fresh Sage leaves and 3 tablespoons lemon juice freshly squeezed, which will be disposed of in a cup of boiling water.

Melon juice to lower the fever

Chop half a lemon without Peel and blend in a blender, without adding water or milk. Drink immediately.

Lemon and barley tea

In a pan place a liter of boiling water, two spoonfuls of barley and a lemon peel. Cover and let stand for 12 hours (overnight overnight for example). Strain, sweeten to taste, preferably with honey, and drink. In addition to reducing a fever, this homemade recipe resumes water that was lost by the high temperatures.

Wormwood tea

5 grams of Wormwood powder heated in half a litre of water. When boiling, remove from fire and let it cool. Drink a Cup before meals. This home remedy is not allowed in the pregnant women.
Infusion de rosa y melisa

Cinnamon and honey infusion

Pour a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of boiling water. Cover, let cool for 3 minutes and strain. Sweeten with a tablespoon of honey. Drink every hour.

Home remedy for pink and vinegar

In a (glass) jar, place 50 grams of fresh roses and two cups petals and half cider vinegar. Cover well and let stand for ten days. Then strain and store in a cool, dark place. When someone has a fever, soak a handkerchief in the liquid and apply at the temples. In addition to lower the temperature, it serves to placate so frequent headaches.

Infusion of flowers

This recipe to lower the fever has 10 grams of lavender, 5 grams of Borage, 5 grams of flowers of calendula flowers, elder flower 5 g and 5 grams of flowers of mauve, in addition to one liter of water. Bring to a boil in a saucepan. Lid, strain and drink a cup every 20 minutes.
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