Natural remedies for menopausal sweating

In addition to ingest herbal teas, to improve the condition try to drink plenty of cold water and avoid caffeine-containing beverages. Physical exercise can also be very beneficial
Remedios naturales para la sudoraci├│n en la menopausia
One of the worst symptoms of menopause are those annoying hot flashes and sweating that occur commonly during the night or in those moments where we are making some kind of daily activity. This problem is a common symptom of this stage of women, due to the hormonal changes that come with it. Of course every woman experiences menopausal symptoms differently and as well as some may feel many hot flashes and sweating, there are people who do not have them.

The truth is that they are very few women in the menopause stage not suffering hot flashes and night sweats, is why today you want to share the best natural remedies to reduce and treat menopausal sweating, and step finish with those hot flashes so annoying that prevent a good night's sleep at night.


Soy is one of the best foods to eat during the stage of menopause, then Properties enhance health of women in this cycle in different ways. Soy of idea to reduce annoying night hot flashes of menopause, but also also reduces the loss of bone mass, improves heart health and regulates insulin. Ideally, consume it in tofu or soy milk.

Infusion of Linden

The infusion of flower of Basswood is ideal to reduce hot flashes and during menopause, night sweats , helping sleep and avoid those trasnochos because of the heat and sweating. For this you should simply add two teaspoons of flower of lime in a cup of hot water, let stand for 5 minutes and drink it before going to rest.


salvia Fernando Stankuns
The Sage is used as a treatment to reduce the sweats and hot flashes of this woman's cycle. For this you will have to boil a liter of water and then add three tablespoons of Sage. Let stand for 10 minutes and drink preferably after meals.

Witch Hazel

This powerful infusion is another of those recommended to not suffer from those annoying hot flashes at night. All you have to do is add a few dried leaves of the plant, in a cup of hot water, let it rest and drink it twice a day.

Sage, celery and lemon drink

If only salvia infusion is not enough to calm hot flashes and sweats during menopause, this powerful beverage surely will make you effect, since it combines the power of Sage, celery and lemon medicinal properties.

How to do it?

Chop the celery and lemon, without removing the shell but not the ends. Place in a pot with water the salvia, lemon and celery, boil for 10 minutes. Once you are ready, let it rest another 10 minutes, strain and drink at least three glasses during the day.

Other tips for menopausal sweating

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes made in natural fiber such as e.g. cotton, flax, among others. Even if it is possible, sheets should also be in such materials.
  • Try to stay in room and different spaces of the House ventilated.
  • Avoid visiting places very humid or very hot, since these sites can foster the emergence of hot flashes and sweating.
  • Sweating and hot flashes, feeling is good to wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and pass them gently on the neck. Do not apply directly on the neck.
  • Carried out by a week a body massage using lavender essential oil, since this helps to balance the body.
  • Take at least two litres of water a day, preferably with ice to make more refreshing.
  • Perform at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, as for instance walking, running, swimming, among others.
  • Avoid eating too much foods such as coffee, energy drinks or any drink that contains caffeine. Also reduce the consumption of fatty foods, dairy foods, spices and spicy foods.
  • Keep the weight balanced, since overweight and obesity make it more prone to suffer from sweating and hot flashes too.
  • Take a bath of lukewarm before going to bed, to feel fresher and better sleep.
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