Necessary vitamins in pregnancy

Vitamin D is required for the assimilation of calcium, so it is very important that there are no gaps. To synthesize it we will have to take the Sun, at least, 10 minutes a day
Vitaminas necesarias en el embarazo

Pregnancy diet is vitally important, because it has to meet a specific energy and nutritional needs; It is necessary to choose a good feed, to nourish not only to the mother, but also to the fetus, and thus ensure an optimal state of health for both.


Vitamins have regulatory functions of the organism and the needs of some, increase especially in pregnancy.


Vitamin A deficiency tends to be existing, but will have to have a lot care with hypervitaminosis A or excess vitamin, as it can cause damage to the fetus; You can find this vitamin in vegetables of green leaf, yellow vegetables and fruit, milk and yolk among others.


During pregnancy, decrease the concentrations of this vitamin, and adado diet isn't enough, it is important to supplement with 0.6 - 2 mg. / day up to 1.9 mg / day, which will help to breast milk to present adequate levels of this vitamin. It will help treat nausea and pregnancy-induced hypertension; the doctor will be who prescribed this vitamin, if deemed appropriate.

Vitamin B6 the pueds found in legumes, nuts, cereal whole, Brewer's yeast, animal protein - anchovies, sardines, chicken, beef - and wheat germ.


It is one of the vitamins most important in pregnancy, because helps prevent defects of the NTDS, such as spina bifida and reduces the risk of congenital; abnormalities also this vitamin deficiency may be related to premature births, miscarriages, or poor weight at birth.

It is important to eat dried fruit, green leafy vegetables, Cruciferae - cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli-, yeast of beer, green beans or peas among others. About 400 mcg is recommended. to 800 mcg. to the day.


Deficiency of vitamin C during pregnancy may be related to preeclampsia or toxemia, and rupture of the amniotic, membranes but also will have to be very careful with this vitamin excess, it can cause scurvy of the infant, which is recommended to not take more than the recommended dose - 10 mg. / day-70-85 mg. / day. You can find this vitamin in fruit - kiwi, strawberries, citrus fruits, leafy green, peppers, tomatoes and sprouts.


In places where the Sun is present, this vitamin deficiency is not common, since it is synthesized in the skin thanks to the Sun's rays; Although we must bear in mind that the deficiency of vitamin D in the mother and the fetus, can cause neonatal hypocalcemia and osteomalacia in the mother, but we have to be careful with hypervitaminosis D, as it can cause damage to the fetus.

Women who do not take milk or the vegan must supplement their diet with vitamin D. can find this vitamin in foods, such as dairy, fish or egg yolk.

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