Method to keep memory in senior people

Método para mantener la memoria en la tercera edad
Having an advanced age does not mean that we are left out of memory at any time, which can definitely finish it is not age, but the lack of mental exercise, as there are many young people who have already been affected much of this essential capability for this same reason.
Everyone from our time of childhood and unconsciously started to exercise memory, when we began to study at the school and then at the College are assigned tasks and workshops that are designed to teach us to exercise memory, and for this reason it is our duty continue to exercise it each day.
This time we will be able to learn some techniques that can be very effective to avoid losing the ability to recall events that have passed into our lives, to reach old age with an excellent memory and have the joy of sharing many important events with our grandchildren and other relatives.

Recommendations to have excellent memory

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  • One of the most important recommendations is to pay attention when they tell us something or when we do something, so will be easier to remember it. Many people do not lose the ability to memorize, what happens is that they don't pay attention.
  • It is important to repeat several times the event that you want to keep in memory for a long time. It is important to repeat!
  • Store large amounts of information at the same time is very difficult for any person, therefore is recommended to divide it and memorize parts.
  • To easily remember the place in which we let some important objects, such as for example the keys of the car or House and documents, among others, it is important to be organized and have a fixed place to each of them, so we will find them easily at the very moment that we need them.
  • Not to forget the outstanding issues, it is advisable to have a notebook in which you will be writing each one of these issues, thereby never will be forgotten to lament.
  • An exercise quite simple and very effective to strengthen the memory and prevent this damage is as follows: Take some items that you use frequently and FX's place, then trying to remember the site in which you saved them. You can also change the path to get to the House or to work with any frequency, also can have fun and spend some time practicing with some video games or if you prefer you can make crossword puzzles, Word search or find the right path of some maze games. Is a very particular way as well as fun exercise memory.
  • It is important to consume foods rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, omega 3 and folic acid; These can be: fish, nuts, and raisins.
  • Practice some exercises that will help you free yourself from stress, listen to your favorite music, take walks to open field while maintaining a relaxing contact with nature, can be very healthy for the body and mind, which we frequently perform to keep our memory always intact.
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