How to have perfect nails

Como tener uñas perfectas
During a flirtation everything counts: the expressiveness of the eyes, movement and shine of the hair, the smile, the hands but that happens with your nails? Why are weak, broken, yellowed and dull? Not enough with that go to the manicure, really you need intensive treatment because there are many factors that threaten them. In this article you can find what you are looking for, you will explain how you can have perfect nails.

Do you know what nails?

The nails are formed mainly by hardened dead cells containing keratin. Its functions are varied: scraping, touch, play instruments, music and, of course, have aesthetic implications. Your health is very important since the coloration and state changes is frequently used for the diagnosis of various diseases or physiological imbalances. They can be affected due to infectious agents and trauma. Dirty socks, exposure to pathogens like fungi either walking barefoot or by direct contact with infected objects may cause the appearance of conditions of greater or lesser severity in the nails.

Effects that may suffer the nails

  • Break
  • Chipped fingernail
  • Stretch marks
  • Spoon nail
  • Hangnail (toenail)
  • Ringworm of the nails
  • Discoloration
  • Nail claw
  • Stepfather
  • Mycosis (Fungi)
If you're willing to serve your nails as you deserve then you will present 14 treatments that will help you achieve perfect nails forward!

14 treatments to achieve perfect nails

#1 treatment: To prevent nail yellowing

What ugly look nails when they take that beige color (so common in smokers) or simply lose their natural shine! The first thing that I recommend if you want to prevent this mishap is to stay away from cigarette, nicotine has a very adverse effect on your health, but produces spots on the skin, teeth and nails. It is also important to not keep them always painted, oxygenation is essential so that they are healthy.
If your nails look yellowish or off, you can wipe them with an algodoncito soaked in white vinegar or lemon, for a few minutes each day. You'll see how the brightness returns.

#2 treatment: Avoid acetone

To protect your nails remove paint with nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone dries out the nail and damages their root. Avoid it!

Treatment #3: Nail pink

Many times when we paint dark nails and remove enamel these become yellow. Restore your natural color? Because you only need a little warm milk. Place the milk in a wide Bowl and dip your hands in it for five minutes every day. Soon your nails will return to look healthy.

Treatment #4: Against dryness

After applying the nail polish remover is recommended to wash your nails with pure water, so there are no remains of this, you avoid dryness and your nails will be moisturized.

#5 treatment: To nourish your nails

You will not believe it, but they also need to feed themselves properly so that they are healthy and strong. Place in a container width a little warm olive oil and dip your fingers for ten minutes every day. The keratin of nails will be restored, avoiding that they lose their coats and will depart.

Treatment #6: Nail striated

When the nails are specks are showing lack of moisture, to prevent this massage you them every night with a bit of moisturizer.

#7 treatment: To contribute to its growth

Unas sanas
You like long fingernails and you think that yours do not grow? Here I propose a very simple solution: to stimulate its development only need to hit them gently and regularly against a hard surface, e.g. a table. You'll see how fast growing.

Treatment #8: Power and nails

No doubt that food greatly influences all aspects of our health, so it should not surprise you that there are foods that contribute to the strengthening and beautifying your nails: drinking the juice of a cucumber in fasting is ideal for your nails. To prepare it cut into pieces a fresh cucumber and liquify it. It is very refreshing and purifying.

#9 treatment: It strengthens your nails

Here I present three treatments to harden your nails.
  • 1 it plunges your fingers in a little cider vinegar every day for five minutes.
  • 2 prepare an infusion with dill and when cool dip your nails in it.
  • 3 spend a clove of garlic by your nails and wait a few minutes. You can also brush with garlic paste. It tends to remove the residues with a product that will not damage them.

Treatment #10: Nail games

Unas quebradizas
The slightest thing to do cause your nails to draw upon. It is very possible that you are experiencing a lack of minerals like calcium and magnesium. I recommend that you take a diet rich in dairy products and nuts and to prepare your meals with sea salt.

#11 treatment: Nails hard and white

Place the juice of two lemons in a bowl and enter your fingers for 15 minutes every day. Your nails will be white and hard very soon.

Treatment #12: Preventing ingrown toenails

There is no doubt that are painful and uncomfortable, and that can get complicated quickly, so if you want to prevent the appearance of ingrown nail is the way: usually use moisturizer to soften your cuticles and put them backwards with a rosewood fingerboard. In the case of toes cut your nails straight, not too short and well lima side edges.

#13 treatment: To have beautiful nails

There is a wonderful remedy that will help you to keep them beautiful and healthy, especially if you've had the habit to eat them. Apply daily a little white iodine on the nails using a fine brush.

#14 treatment: A Council that you must not forget

Never use scissors to cut your nails because they favorecerás they escamen the same way you should avoid using files of metal which damage the surface of the nails and affect their growth, opt for the carton. It always takes care of your nails.
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