How to have a perfect ABS in two weeks

Cómo tener unos abdominales perfectos en dos semanas
In 15 days going on vacation? You've fallen into the account in June is married your best friend? Would you like to see good to wear tops in the summer? Some may think that it is a bit late to have a belly flat and marked, but that is not true. Check out this how emergency plan have some perfect ABS in two weeks. Find out more in the following article.

Belly of bodybuilder in 15 days: myth or reality?

If you think that it is impossible to have a few well marked abdominal within two weeks, it will be better than start now to train. Your belly can be seen as if you'd been the last six months in the gym (something that would have been you wonders, but always were the perfect excuse to delay it) with just two weeks of hard training.
You have to be determined and committed to meet the target in the stipulated time. Also follow to the letter the routine that we propose in this article. In a few days, the results will be more than notable.

Diet + exercise + position = abdominals to envy

This would be the formula you need to have the same abdominal as those who "kill" in the gym in two weeks.

Step 1: The diet

Let's start with food, rather than important in your life not only to have a flat stomach, but to feel well and not getting sick. Since the waist and abdomen are two areas where usually accumulate fat by what we eat, it is good that you pay attention to your diet now. An example of the power of a day could be:
  • On an empty stomach: Choose between a glass of cranberry juice, a cup of warm green tea, lemon juice or Goji Berry Juice.
  • Breakfast: Leave to spend half an hour from the previous drink intake and, then Yes, breakfast. You can eelegir between a bowl of papaya with a cup of oatmeal or a bowl of pineapple with a bar of cereal (without chocolate).
  • Mid-morning: You can eat a banana, an orange or an Apple. If you have some time, prepare a Smoothie with a carrot and a sprig of celery.
  • Lunch: Allowed a dish hot (might skim soup or a stew without meat, for example) served with a salad of raw vegetables. Then, at the end, a cup of green tea, red or horehound.
  • Snack: Drink natural fruit juice to your choice (you can combine several according to your taste). If you have much appetite, opt for one bar of cereal or an Apple without peeling.
  • Dinner: Eat a bowl of soup or broth, half potato in the oven with a little olive oil and a cup of oatmeal with milk of almonds or birdseed.
  • Before sleep: Two blocks away, which will help you to debug your body and not be hungry during the night.

Step 2: Exercise

Time to move the skeleton (and belly, above all). A routine must begin with stretching, of 5 or 10 minutes, a walk or trot for 15 minutes, then series of sit-ups and finally, 5 minutes of stretching. Start slowly the first two or three days. Examples of ABS:
  • Series 1 ABS: Lie on the floor face up, flexed legs, with the soles of the feet touching the floor and has the hands to the nape of the neck. Lifting the torso and tries to reach the knees and returns to the starting position. This is a repeat. Performs 10 to the fifth day, until the tenth 20 and 30 until the 15th.
  • Series 2 ABS: Stretches the legs and place your hands on the buttocks. Upload your legs as if you wanted to touch the ceiling with the tips of the feet, without bending, to form an angle of 90 ° with the rest of the body. Do it as slow as possible. It returns to the initial position. It also starts with 10, 20 continues and ends with 30.
  • 3 series of sit-ups: Ponte de side on the mat. You can slightly bent legs. With the hand that was on the floor take the opposite waist (crosses the arm ahead of the torso) and take the head with your free hand. Climbing the trunk as much as you can, and returns to the initial position. Perform ten repetitions and change of side.
  • 4 abdominal series: It begins as in series 2. Lift the legs gently, but not as much as before. When they are about 10 centimeters of soil, keep the position, pressing with the abdominals. Upload five centimetres and repeats the force. So will go climbing every 10 centimeters, and stopping you each time, until reaching an angle of 90 ° with the torso. Slowly lower your legs.

Step 3: position

buena postura
How you feel is key not only to better see you, but to work your ABS. Your always right back, with tight belly . If you forget to maintain posture when you're working, leave a message on the computer screen or place an alarm on the phone. Corrects back and either change the position, you will end up getting you.

Additional step: drink plenty of water

If you do not like the water alone you can drink tea or natural teas (sweetener), juices for you (not the artificial) and eating foods such as tomato, Apple or orange.
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