Massage to activate the circulation in the legs

Masaje para activar la circulaci├│n de las piernas
There are many types of massage therapy. One of the most beneficial is undoubtedly called circulatory massage, i.e., one that is focused on activating blood and lymph irrigation, favouring cell Exchange, being specially recommended for our legs. We teach you what your benefits are and how to do it.
This type of massage is very suitable in those days when you feel legs swollen, and especially if you suffer from varicose veins. Through this exercise therapy on our skin and muscles managed to mobilize the body fluids, bringing nutrients to the cells, and on the other hand, that the circulating toxins reach the organs and glands responsible for eliminating them.

Purpose of the circulatory massage in legs

  • Circulatory massage in legs is going to serve to Activate blood circulation, reduce fluid retention thus eliminating toxins. With this, we improve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, in addition to relieving the incidence of varicose veins.
  • This massage also allows to improve the body's venous return due to upward movements we make, always towards the heart. All this prevents us and to reduce us the occurrence of edemas and swelling.
  • The genetic factor has much weight at the time of the appearance of varicose veins, as well as sedentary, staying many hours in the same position, an incorrect power supply... all this makes us that our legs valves do not work as they should, appears the feeling of pressure, the bumps, itching and pain. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but also of health. We can suffer clots, circulation is difficult and is a risk which must be taken into account. Our circulatory massage will help you prevent it.
  • The blood that we were able to redistribute with the massage gets going up the temperature of the tissues of our legs, thus improving our physical condition.
  • This massage is very suitable if you suffer from swollen feet and legs. We managed to lighten the pressure, also pain in ankles and promote circulation.

How to perform a massage on the legs to activate circulation

We need water of Rosemary and olive oil for the massage. The first we will use is olive oil, very suitable for favor the massage and circulation. Once completed, we will have prepared fresh rosemary water. Rosemary is a great anti-inflammatory and flattering circulation. If you do not have it at home, you can prepare it to have it always at hand. You do not have more than take six branches of Rosemary and put them in a glass vial with a liter of water and a half cup of 90 ° alcohol. Let that be macerating in a dark place for two weeks. Half an hour before the massage, introduces bottle in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

1. first step

masaje piernas
You can do it yourself, but it is always recommended to massage someone else do it yourself. You can for example be two friends to take advantage of this as adequate circulatory massage for legs. It is advisable do so already in the afternoon, when get home. The first thing we will do is lie and let legs slightly elevated, as you see in the picture.

2. second step

masaje pierna
We apply ourselves olive oil in your hands and start the massage by the ankles. We oppressed and exert an upward motion, toward the calf. The pressure should never cause pain, it is simply always make a few moves upward, toward the heart. Thus we bring oxygenation to the veins. Remember also that, where there are some venous little spider or varicose veins, we never use it, we will act around her, never directly.

3. third step

Must go through areas. From ankle to calf (3 minutes). The calf to thigh (3 minutes). Always upward. While applying slight pressure with your fingers, then open Palm and drag on the skin and muscles in rising movements. Always keep the proper hydration of the skin using olive oil.
Performs the same movements both face up like upside down, i.e., on both sides of the legs. It is normal to spend 25 minutes massage.

4 step four

masajes en las piernas
Once finished the massage apply a small towel moistened with water of Rosemary fresh., for about 10 minutes. It will serve as a relief and reactivate circulation. The toxins and the accumulation of fluid is drained by this simple and effective massage, recommended for two days a week. Don't try it.
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