How to strengthen your immune system

Cómo fortalecer tu sistema inmune
Perhaps did not know that the perfect time of year to know if you immune system is working great is the winter. That is thanks to which this system is nothing more and nothing less than an extension of the brain and is directly related to the mind and the endocrine system. Different studies have shown that the immune system also helps the brain to retain cognitive ability and the constant regeneration of cells throughout life.
You then name some recommendations so you can strengthen your immune system easily.

Eat good fats

You need to start eating more foods with good fats, since these are indispensable for each of us. Some foods such as sardines, salmon and some fish of warm water can help, also avocado, seeds, nuts, and olive oil will help contribute to your body "good" fats that your body needs, since they will help to absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables, this in order to keep your skin clean the flexible cells, optimistic mood and best of all, a strong brain.

Sleep well

Dormir bien

Rest hours, i.e. the hours you sleep are essential to maintain your immune system at good pace and excellent operation. Already it is precisely there where are fighting the negative effects of the neurotransmitters and cortisol, some such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, since these can be high during the stressperiod. You should know that the sleep hormone takes place during sleep, and that this is the same hormone of youth; and at the same time the hormone melatonin is also released to having one of the best effects on the immune system and skin.

Do not consume alcohol

To the extent possible, it is important that you abstengas of the consumption of alcohol, and that this has a few molecules called aldehydes, these molecules are supremely destructive, because they cause damage to the plasma membrane of the cell. As if it wasn't enough, alcohol suppresses the immune system by exposing it to be more susceptible to various diseases.

Avoid tobacco


Tobacco affects directly the skin and causes premature aging. When inhaled the smoke almost $ 1 trillion of radical free occur in the lungs, and what this causes is the activation of white blood cells, causing inflammation, which can lead to a disease that affects the heart directly. Aside from that, tobacco also causes a constriction in the blood vessels, this can significantly alter blood pressure. At the same time, it affects the immune system since it increases the risk of infection such as the flu or colds, and diseases that affect the lungs, some such as cancer.

It is the stress

Few things in life as radically affect the proper functioning of the body, both internally and externally as the same stress. This, as any other factor, alters the production of the hormone cortisol. When they will produce large amounts of this hormone in the blood, the body looks very exposed to all kinds of toxic infections. The excessive production of cortisol, also can completely destroy you immune system and at the same time decrease muscle mass, what causes weight loss in the skin and produces premature aging.
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