How to prevent wrinkles around the mouth

Cómo evitar las arrugas alrededor de la boca
The lips are surrounded by a sensitive layer of skin (similar to the contour of the eyes). It is for this reason that usually appear wrinkles or fine lines in these areas more than in any other of the face. Learn how avoid wrinkles around the mouth in this article.

Wrinkles on lips: by what, when, how

When are marks on the top lip referred them to as "barcode". There are many causes of lines in the surroundings of the mouth. Some of them are:
  • Voltage or excessive anxiety caused by the Act of pursing the lips
  • Move the language by lips repeatedly every day
  • Bad habits in the care of the skin
  • Lack of moisture
  • A diet with few vitamins and minerals
  • Poor consumption of antioxidant foods
  • Excessive exposure to Sun, cold or the wind without protection
  • Lack of exercises in the labial muscles
  • Poor circulation of blood in the area
  • Drinking with Sorbet or smoking (pucker the lips)

How reduce wrinkles in the area around the lips?

If they are already appearing the first marks on the sides of the mouth and you feel that you are more because of these lines, a good idea is "attacking" the cause first, and then, follow the following tips. If even the wrinkles on your lips are not present, it is also good that prestes attention to the reasons that cause them and carry out these recommendations as prevention (also serve you if you have dry or cracked lips).

Exercises with the mouth

What should exercise the mouth? Quiet, you don't have to go to any Academy. You can exercise at home without any problems (or in the office, wherever you want). With a routine of exercises for lips, the muscles will be strengthened and there will be a better blood supply. Opens a little mouth, as if you were to tell a "O" or yawn. Then, more open mouth, to say "A". The "O" is the starting point and the "A" on arrival. Exchange movements from one to another position, without closing the lips.
You will feel a bit of tension when you move them because you are not used, but it is normal. If it is because your lips are dry, apply a few drops of almond oil before you start and you'll see the difference.


Pay attention to the position of the lips when you carry out your usual activities: at work, at the University, at home, while you watch television, read a book or listen carefully to your friend. Often not we realize that we are pushing the lips, especially if we are angry, tense or nervous. If you get you pursing his mouth or making any gesture that may cause wrinkles, relax the lips immediately.

Essential oils

aceites cottonseedoil
As the example we have given you of almond oil, there are other options that are also interesting to keep your lips healthy and free of wrinkles. Once you bathing you, i.e. at the moment in which the pores are more open because of the warm water, apply essential oil of Walnut, for example. If you're not going to take a bath that day, it doesn't matter: you can wet a towel with warm water and massage around the mouth. Remember that this area is very sensitive and can burn you. Choose essential oils with lots of vitamin E to combat wrinkles.


There are different options for care mouth skin and nourish it, avoiding the appearance of marks or lines. We give you some recipes:

Recipe 1

  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
How to prepare it
Mix the three ingredients and spread over the lips using circular movements. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Recipe 2

  • 3 tablespoons beeswax
  • 5 drops of oil apricot
  • 5 drops of camphor oil
How to prepare it
Mix well and apply this ointment around the lips. You will not only help eliminate wrinkles, but also hydrate chapped or cracked lips.
labios secos Terriko


Creams are very good to moisturize the area and prevent these horrible grooves from appearing. A good choice is which mix aloe vera and rosehip. It can buy in a store or prepare it yourself.
  • 1 stalk of aloe vera
  • 1 handful of flowers of rose hip
  • 1 cup water
How to prepare it
It heats water with the rose hip. Meanwhile, remove the pulp of aloe vera. Leave the tea to cool and strain. Then take a little aloe gel and applied on the lips. Do not abuse this cream because it could cause the opposite to the expected effect.


Of course we could not miss a good diet to make skin look beautiful, either on the sides of lips or in any other area! Juices and fresh salads, perfect for this time of year, are very beneficial to your health indoor and outdoor. Foods that can not miss in your diet are:
  • The avocado.
  • The alfalfa.
  • The sesame.
  • The carrots.
  • The broccoli.
  • The lemon.
  • The guava.
  • The tomatoes.
All of them give you vitamin E, antioxidants, Vitamin C and enzymes necessary for your skin smooth and youthful.
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