How allergies should be treated

Cómo se deben tratar las alergias
It is common that during certain times of the year, as in the spring for example, many people have allergies, in many cases or antihistamines made effect, for this reason it must resort to home remedies, which are very effective in the majority of cases.
Then I will give you detailed information of each one of the home remedies that can help you to solve this problem of allergies.

Saline solution

A very effective natural remedy and simple is take salt and dilute it with warm water to be applied in the nostrils; It gives very good results since it uncovers the nose and desinflama, helping to remove agents that cause sneezing.
If you prefer you can buy saline solution that already sell in pharmacies list or you can prepare it at home, the way to prepare it is very simple, in one liter of water distilled to add a teaspoon of salt and a little bit of baking soda, you can do the procedure twice a day.

Warm showers

Warm water showers are very effective to open the nasal sinuses, also act as expectorants, they help remove pollen from the hair and body, if it is that you have been exposed to this element that can be very harmful to those who suffer from allergic problems, also the hot water it relaxes and helps you sleep better.

Pure air

Found in a place that is contaminated with dust, strong odors or that have people smoking, allergies soar, the best solution is to stay away from these places and prefer open spaces, the field is the best choice, enjoy a green space for better breathing will help to improve the symptoms of allergies. If you can't go to the field the best to do is to use masks surgical, although you should not forget that agents that cause allergies may enter the body also for the eyes and the ears.

The steam

Steam achieves the same effect as the warm water baths, but this is more localised. Steam helps refresh and reduce irritation of the nasal cavity and remove the mucus. The correct way to proceed is to boil two cups of water in a large container to which is added a little salt, when you are boiling down stove and placing a towel on his head to tilt on the container being careful not to burn yourself, you breathe the steam for about ten minutes. This treatment can also be done when you have cold.

Keep pets clean

In the case of you are allergic to the hair of cats or dogs, you should try to keep them very clean bathing them every two weeks, thus removed the substances that cause allergies which produce these animals through saliva and perspiration. If you have cats, then you must keep clean the crate in which it has a sand, because these are not very loving bath. If this is not enough to improve your allergy to pets best will be to stay away from them.
Remember that home remedies when they are made as recommended are very effective, are also very economical and more important is that do not have contraindiaciones or cause side effects.
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