How to remove the back fat

Cómo eliminar los rollitos de la espalda
Now that the days are increasingly warmer and we went out to the street with fewer clothes, that we are thinking about the holidays and swimwear, we realize that in winter we ate more and need to lose weight. Besides that, if we sit, the "love handles" on the back are not for anything beautiful.
In this article you will learn how to remove the rolls from the back, those "mounds" of skin that are formed according to our position and that the Bikini are more than unsightly.

Say goodbye to the back rolls

We tend to accumulate fat in the back but, as we don't always see it, sometimes we do anything about it. Until we enter a tester in a store or an elevator with mirrors on all sides and enter us a panic attack. Those rolls that appear on the sides of the columnbelow the armpits or that go down bra for women are horrible, we are not going to deny it.
If you have rolls on the back, and you are getting ready for the summer and the beach, then you can make an exercise routine that will help you to reduce them and see you splendid.

Exercises for eliminating back fat

Ejercicio espalda
You will not take more than 15 minutes per day and will help you to achieve your goal in less time. If you have never done this type of exercises, you can halving the repetitions and gradually increase with the passing of the days.
  • Exercise 1 to strengthen lower back: Lie face down on the mat. Stretch the arms forward, touching the ears with the shoulders. Unless your hands touch the floor, it bows the back backward, leaving the legs stretched and firm on the floor. It returns to the initial position. This is a repeat. Complete at least one series of 10 repetitions at the beginning and then performs two of 10 each.
  • Exercise 2 to remove the back rolls: In the same position that the previous (you can do below), place the palms of your hands on the nape of the neck and lifted the torso as before. It returns to the initial position. Performs two sets of 15 reps each.
  • Exercise 3 to reduce lower back fat: With the hands also behind the head, rather than arch your back backwards, do so towards the sides, first right and then left. Do two sets of 10 reps for each side.
  • Exercise 4 to say goodbye to the "love handles" on the back: It supports the mat the palms of the hands and knees (in doggy position) and relaxes the back. Arching upwards like a cats and then down as if you want that your belly touched the ground. Up and down ten times, with great care.

Feeding plan for eliminating back rolls

In addition to the exercises, it is good that you carry out a proper diet that will help you lose weight. Excessive consumption of fats is one of the reasons why your body does not look like you want to. Then, you'd better let saturated fats with a time. You should also remove from your daily diet red meats, cured meats, dairy products, processed foods and white sugar (and everything that contains, such as refreshments). All of them are the cause of that fat to accumulate in your body.
If you only exercise won't get anything: you must carry a good supply. The diet is very important for your health, not just for the rolls of your back. It is necessary that you add fat burning foods and natural, that you can consume during the day, such as:
  • Green tea.
  • the grapefruit.
  • carrots with celery juice.
  • the blending of tomato with aloe vera and lemon juice.
In fasting also can choose between the following drinks, which are fat wastewater treatment plants:
  • Milk of birdseed.
  • Blueberry juice.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • A tea of horehound with lemon juice.

Additional tips to eliminate your back rolls

We have exercises and diet. Do we need to something else? You can always get better results with certain natural and homemade tips! In this case:

Do you massagemasaje marketing deluxe

If not reach you one to massage the back, do not hesitate to go to a session in an Institute or centre. You will relax, reduce fat and also the accumulated liquids, if you decide on the lymphatic drainage.

He placed a clay mask

Once a week put clay on your back and rub in a circular motion. If you do not reach, you can use one of those handle bath sponges, for example. Clay is an excellent fat Eliminator.

Take care of your position

If your back is curved it gives the feeling of sagging and the rolls are formed. If you straighten it you will be more attractive and thin.

Practice swimming

It is a very complete sport that helps you strengthen the muscles of the back, and at the same time, not allow the accumulation of fat in any part of the body.

It uses loose clothing

As long as you follow the routine of exercises and power to eliminate the back rolls will be better to use not so tight clothing that you can mark the imperfections.
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