5 strategies to combat anxiety every day

5 Estrategias para combatir la ansiedad día a día
Do you suffer from anxiety in your day to day? Unfortunately it is a very common reality. It is a diffuse anxiety State where the person is not equilibrium, where its tranquility has plunged into a State of internal conflict where their own space. What we can do, we have to resort to drugs? Not at all, we can learn a number of simple strategies with which, address anxiety.

Tips to combat anxiety daily

We know that you're not well. That your every day is mired in a State of continuous obligations where everybody expects much from you. Where all have their place, and you do not find almost never a moment for yourself. Feel how your heart pumps more strong than normal, have tachycardias and you're very tired. What can we do? You've gone to the doctor and she prescribed you a few drugs, perhaps?
Do not worry. Firstly you should take proof that, indeed, want to change your situation. That you wish to find you better. Excellent, because if there is no will there is not change. Thus, it takes air and read carefully these tips to try to integrate these strategies in your day to day. Are you agree? Here we go.

1 take your time when doing your daily tasks

It seems a simple but it is a very important fact. Now tell us to how you get up in the morning, in a hurry maybe? Do many things usually do at once? You're always aware of the clock to arrive on time? They doing something and think at the same time in what are you doing here? See carefully. All these behaviors have just remove the air, plunge us into a State of continuous anxiety that is going to accumulate day by day. Keep on like this, diseases may appear very serious. Ve! with care
It begins to change from tomorrow. Each task that you start doing it calmly, and finish it. If we let something pending that will become a burden for the next day, so it is best to complete them. Focus on the task with tranquility and effectiveness, but no hurry. Otherwise we fall into a psychomotor agitation in which the brain, before such activity, also falls into a State of anxiety. So remember slowly and calmly!

2 learn how to say no

We know, often very difficult to us say "no". One hour more at work, a friend who asks you to help him at home, children when they ask you to take them to site determined... others require things of us almost every day and we dare not deny anything. That is fine, but it is essential that we learn to prioritize tasks.
What is the most important thing I have to do today? Once you've completed the essential tasks of the day, it is the time to assess what you want to do. You think that every day we need to maintain our own psychological health, and within this is finding time for ourselves. To do what you want. It is clear that we must help our friends who we should attend to our children. But if it is not urgent, today perhaps more appropriate for you to go for a walk. think about it!

3 How long do you have a day to yourself?

Reply objectively: would many hours a day do you have to yourself? Don't count the hours that you're sleeping at night, that is a biological time necessary for your organism. But people also need that psychological time interval to be ourselves, to find us, to breathe and make our hobbies, our simple pleasures in which feel that small basic happiness in every day.
This time a day is more effective than any medication, we assure you. Try to find an hour at least in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. It is necessary, do not forget.

4 change your thoughts

cambiar pensamiento
Our thoughts change is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary. May be of those very demanding of themselves, people of that every day is auto-impone a series of objectives to accomplish tasks that, if they don't, we feel bad and frustrated.
It can also be of those people very worried by what is going to come, have a negative view of things and that you little trust in yourself. You need to change it. Only otherwise see walls in your day to day, walls that surround you and take away the air. It must break down those walls, change those thoughts and rely more on ourselves, always maintaining optimism. Smile to life and not to demand too much. Thinks that life is worth living it with peace of mind. Every moment that you spend worried and anxious, it is time that we lose, not worth it.

5. What if we learn some relaxation techniques?

ejercicio yoga relaxingmusic
There is who does not rely too much on relaxation techniques calls. Well, but must bear in mind that any relaxation technique will aim at three things: loosen tensions muculoesqueleticas, change and improve the breathing, and give us also a moment of forced disconnection from our obligations. how deny us? When our body is regularly become accustomed to these moments of relaxation and simple stretching exercises, for example, our mind also is accustomed to the calm and relaxation, instantly that begin to change more things than we think. Yoga, for example, is not only a compendium of relaxation exercises, it also is a type of philosophy that can help us in our day to day. It is worth trying it.
Do we start now to implement these strategies? Much encouragement!
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