How to look perfect feet in 15 minutes

Besides being a super exfoliant, the mixture of avocado and salt marine helps us to relax our feet and reactivate the circulation in the area
Cómo lucir unos pies perfectos en solo 15 minutos
When comes the summer all we love to show off beautiful feet, without cracks, calluses and most perfect possible to fit these sexy Sandals we just buy.
Now, we have to keep in mind that just like that we submit to our skin and hair to a strict ritual of beauty and daily care, also it would be interesting to do the same thing with feet.
You costs nothing, for example, get ready a relaxing bath once a week, where gently exfoliate the feet, or reactivate your circulation with appropriate periodic massages, ranging as well us to avoid that they swell or to find relief after a long day's work.
The feet are more than that part of our body that look in summer. They are our support and that part of our body so they suffer with inappropriate footwear, or after a long day of activity.
In this article you indicated how you can prepare them to show the most attractive possible in just 15 minutes, but it is vital that you attend them and the mimes every day.
They are the support of your steps and those "roots" that you attach to the life.

How to look beautiful feet in 15 minutes

Say that you just get home and have to get ready for an event, for an appointment or a simple stroll where you decide to wear sandals and wear them about pretty feet. what guidelines should follow to achieve this in a quick and effective way?
We invite you to take note of these simple tips "express":

1 remove calluses and odor in 6 minutes

What do I need?
  • 30 g of sea salt
  • 30 g olive oil
  • Half avocado
  • 5 ml of essential oil of peppermint
How do I prepare it?
  • It is very simple. We will begin by taking a bowl where We blend the half avocado to make a fine paste.
  • Then, mix in the other ingredients: sea salt, olive oil and Mint essential oil. Attempts to get a well finite cream but with the texture right so we can get a massage with her.
  • Second step? Put this homemade cream in the Palm of your hand and begins to make a massage along the foot, heels, plant and fingers. Ensures that is a vigorous massage with which reactivate your circulation, and at the same time, that Act of scrub thanks to the sea salt.
  • Finally, we clean feet with warm water, leaving that whole avocado cream should be deleted, then, to finish with a splash of cold water. It is very relaxing!
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2 cut properly the nails of your toes

The care of the nails of the feet is very important. Carry very long fingernails, for example, can cause us from wounds until they embody us due to gall with shoes.
So, keep in mind that your nails are not only that part of the feet that look through attractive glazes combined with sandals, not to address them, we can catch serious infections and even fungi.
Takes note of how you should cut your nails, this you will not occupy more than 4 or 5 minutes.
  • Cut nails with a suitable or using specific pliers scissors to the nails of the feet (will never be the same as which they use for hands).
  • Disinfects scissors with alcohol and put yourself on a towel in a comfortable place.
  • Start by cutting the nail of the toe and do it in square shape, never bend. That way we avoid that they embody.
  • You never cut the nails too short. Remember that nails have the function of protecting our fingers and our skin, so if you do it in a way very satin, you can have the risk of infections.
  • Lima nails if you need it and, finally, moisten a cotton pad with a few drops of essential oil of lavender, with which will be able to strengthen the nails, protect them from bacteria and promote their oxygenation.

3 feet, delicate, soft, and shiny with Rosehip Oil

rosa-mosquetaRosehip essential oil should not be never missing at home. It is very suitable to treat damaged skin, to reduce and treat scars on the skin, as well as cracks, Burns, skin dry or very burnt by the Sun...
You can find essential oil of mosqueta rose in beauty shops or in health food stores and, while their cost is sometimes rather high, investment is worthwhile because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential oil for 'restore' and bring back the natural beauty of our skin.
To conclude with these 'express' tips, simply apply a few drops of 3 in our hands and then start a small massage in the area of the heels and the toes, which are without doubt the hardest-hit areas. In a few seconds, thanks to its composition, rosehip oil to help us look much more beautiful, delicate and manicured feet.
Effect and protection will last you several hours. Do we start now to implement these simple tips? Enjoy the natural beauty of your feet today!
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