8 tricks to show off a spectacular hair

To eliminate excess fat, prevent dandruff and restore scalp pH, we can prepare a tonic home with vinegar and water
8 trucos para lucir un cabello espectacular

Worried about the health of your hair? We are confident that, like many women, you are looking for improving the appearance of your hair to make it look beautiful, abundant and healthy. We know that every day we must take some care with our hair and scalp to ensure that they look healthy and beautiful. Luckily, currently, there are many treatments and products that facilitate this task to get to wear this hair shiny and healthy.

To show off a spectacular and enviable hair, it is very important to keep in mind some special tips that guarantee us your care. This time we are going to share 10 tips so that you apply them every day.

Proper use of shampoo


To make your hair look shiny and beautiful after washing it, it is very important to rinse it very well to remove all traces of shampoo. If there are remnants of this product in your hair the only thing you are going to achieve is that greasy and caked. Therefore, you must be careful and rinse time needed.

Comb type

Best Combs are those that are made or that have natural bristles, as they prevent that the hair will curl and riotous. The use of synthetic Combs can break the hair and make it look abused.



If you want your hair glows and looks healthy, is recommended that you brush him every night to activate the capillary circulation and, incidentally, stimulating its growth. If you have curly hair, the ideal is to do it with a wide bristle comb which avoid you being you with too much volume.

Maintain healthy tips

The tips often look burned, you abuse and open as a result of the use of elements of heat, exposure to sunlight or pollution, among other factors. Although there are many treatments that can help to restore them, as healthy will always be cut to oxygenate the hair and stimulate its growth.

Good nutrition

Diet plays a very important role in hair health, since This gives hair the essential nutrients to be strengthened and look bright. For this case is especially recommended to increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin E as, for example, green leafy vegetables, fruits dry or avocado. It is also good to incorporate in your diet foods with fatty acids omega-3, such as oily fish, seeds, nuts and olive oil.

Drink more water


As is the case with the skin, hydration is also a very important pillar in the hair care. In addition to using air conditioners and other products to moisturize, it is also essential to increase the consumption of water to moisturize from the inside.

Casual and simple hairstyle

Dry our hair tends to be our anguish every day since, sometimes we fail to give the desired shape to the hair or simply do not find a style that makes us highlight our hair. If you have no idea of how styling your hair casual and easy, you can take note of these simple steps:

  • Collects half of the hair back with a pair of forks, trying to hide them under the hair.
  • Then, take a comb and start carded to make it you with more volume.
  • Then, with a hair iron, shape parts. Take small sections and made waves outward.
  • For a final touch, takes a bit of wax or lacquer and apply it in waves that you've done on the hair.

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Additional care

The use of natural to strengthen hair treatments is a great support to improve your health, restore it and making it look fabulous.

  • Prepares a mask with avocado and olive oil and apply it throughout the hair, leaving it for 15 minutes.
  • It hydrates your hair with coconut oil, especially in the burnt ends.
  • Prepares a tonic with equal parts of vinegar Apple and water and spray all over your hair to eliminate excess fat, prevent dandruff and restore scalp pH.
  • Avoid excessive use of clamps, dryers, irons or any heating element.
  • It avoids the direct light of the Sun on your hair.
  • Apply a restorative treatment after being in the sea or the swimming pools.
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