How to detect Alzheimer early?

The loss of memory and mental skills can be a problem when we don't remember important questions or lose concentration on routine issues
¿Cómo detectar a tiempo el Alzheimer?
We all know that memory problems are one of the features of Alzheimer's, but there are many other health problems that are giving us clues so we detect this condition. Separately may not be important, but if we know them we can take them into account and differentiate, for example from stressful situations, lack of concentration, etc.
Explain what are the signs and symptoms that help us to detect the possibility of this disease early.

What is Alzheimer's?

The Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by a deterioration in cognitive and behavioural disturbances. People who suffer, usually of more than 65 years, tend to have a loss of immediate memory and other mental abilities. But in addition to these symptoms, which are the best known, there are many others who can help us diagnose and prevent this disease in people even younger, less than 60 years.
Many patients with this disease have or have had a family member who has previously suffered, and that should be a factor that makes us to be alert to the possible emergence of signs and symptoms that we reviewed here.

Memory leaks

This is one of the most common and early of the Alzeimer signals, but we must not give not very important if only we forget some things, but then we remember them. Begins to be important when it is something that we just learn as well when they are important issues that we should remember. Perhaps we noticed that we began to need reminders not to forget things.

Loss of mental skills

We note that you issues that previously we developed naturally now us cost much more, we are going slower, we lose concentration. They may be questions routine, review invoices, do paperwork, solve problems, etc.

Disorientation in space or time

This signal is already more serious when we often forget the day or the place in which we are, or what have been given place, and while we give returns fail to remember it.
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Problems to understand and to relate images

This point must differ completely from the possibility of having a problem purely visual, such as myopia, cataract, etc. We refer to the difficulty to read, rating a distance to differentiate colors, etc.

Speech difficulties

People suffering from Alzheimer's disease have serious difficulties to follow a conversation, especially when these are rapid or involved many people. Sometimes find it hard to find the words or confuse them.

Easy to mess up or lose things

Often these people can change things in place and not knowing then where have put them. In some cases, over time may even think that other people they have hidden or kept those objects.

Lack of common sense

Family members suffer much by this point, and it is for people who suffer Alzheimer's can perform actions that seem outrageous to us. Beyond that everyone can make a misguided decision, in this case there is no apparent logic. Just the person for example can give money without reason, etc.

Lack of toilet

The lack of personal hygiene can be another early sign of this disease. The person has trouble bathing, dressing, etc., in some cases also because him is a physical and mental effort.

Lack of initiative and aislamimento

This point is important because it also very much influences mood. The person can go losing the initiative to carry out activities which previously was routinely: exercises for memory, social or family events, exercise, etc. In this case also influences that the person feels the loss of their abilities and that conditions you when it comes to efforts made or to be with other people.
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Changes in mood or personality

All these above points influence also in mood swings, resulting in depression, frustration or irritability, but it can also cause personality changes, since the person who sees these changes can become fearful or nervous.
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