How to avoid the "attacks of hunger"

Cómo evitar los “ataques de hambre”
There are certain times of the day, month or year that attack us these cravings to eat anything. It can be between lunch and dinner during the menstrual period or when it is cold. Anxiety or boredom also us "play against". Known in this rhythm article prevent an "attack of hunger".

How to get out of the "vicious circle"

Hunger attacks can occur at any time, since they are caused by different reasons. Either by nerves, anxiety, be boring, hormonal changes or step of the hours without intakes, the truth is that the key is the levels of insulin in nunestro body.
So it is, it is the main cause of these cravings crazy eat anything, especially something very caloric or fatty, high-sugar, mixing sweet and salty, etc. When we take a food with a high glycemic index, our blood sugar level increases more than normal. To counteract it, the pancreas produces insulin. As a consequence to this, low glucose and we are hungry again.
To get out of this "vicious circle", is necessary to achieve the body to produce only the needed insulin. How is it done? As eating foods that do not carry up into the clouds in an instant blood sugar levels to each other. You can for example consume carbohydrates that help regulate and balance these levels, will feel more satiety and avoid the attacks to the refrigerator or the cabinets.
Allies to enjoy different snacks are peanuts, sweet corn, whole-grain bread, fruits (plum, cherry, Apple or peach), beans, soy, rice or the pasta and chickpeas.
Arroz integral
And at the same time, you must learn to better combine foods you eat to reduce the amount of food eaten every day and especially to know when is best to consume them. In the mornings it is recommended a breakfast with milk and fibre (wholegrain), as well as a piece of fruit. By midmorning, a slice of bread and a slice of Turkey. For lunch, combining carbohydrates and proteins, don't eat a simple salad. Snack, a handful of dried fruit and a yogurt. And for dinner, combine vegetables steamed or boiled with a small plate of pasta or rice.

Tips to prevent attacks of eating

  • Not any food you saltees. It is a mistake to think that by not lunch lost weight. In addition, you will avoid the "peaks" of energy and the "fight" between sugar and insulin.
  • They should not spend more than three hours between each meal even less than an hour and a half. If necessary, set different alarms on your watch. Without food, blood sugar levels fall much, and the body responds, as explained earlier, with more production of insulin. At the same time, let go too long between meals will make you suffer an appetite on asset, i.e., eat more and hastily.
Cómo ocultar las verduras en las comidas para niños
  • Eats an acid candy or a small plate of pickles in vinegar 15 minutes before eating. Some opt for a stock or defatted soup or two glasses of water or juice. So you have greater satiety.
  • Begins each of the main meals (lunch and dinner) with a salad plenty as a starter and then if it is consumed the first dish.
  • Prefer dishes with more consistency, i.e. requiring chew more. For example, raw vegetables instead of cooked. So, you're sitting at the table longer and get more satiety. People eating fast also eats more, do not forget.
darle mejor sabor a los vegetales
  • Very high or very cold temperatures generate satiety, as for example, soups, cheese melted, infusions, ice cream or beverages with ice.
  • Use cinnamon or vanilla to desserts and sweet dishes. He prefers the spices or the curry for savory dishes.
  • Consumed in each collation gelatin or soft drink low calorie, as well as also infusions or liquids such as green tea or water.
  • Increases the frequency of your intakes to three hours maximum. Create a meal plan where you will eat little every 180 minutes. For example, starting at 9, then 12, 15, 18 and finally 21 hrs.
  • Well savor each bite and chew more times. The brain "knows" when the stomach is full just 20 minutes after you finish eating. You'll also enjoy more food, the flavors and textures feel on your palate, you will avoid reflux or heartburn, etc.
Picar entre comidas
  • Avoids carrying packages or sources to the table where you can serve more than once. It is preferable to take the dishes and then if necessary, serve again.
  • Looking for activities that are of greatest interest to you or that will attract your attention, as for example do sports, sleep, read, watch a movie, dance, house cleaning, helping children with tasks, etc. This will cause you're not boring not to have "nothing better to do", it is common to go to check just in case what's in the refrigerator.
  • Not totally eliminate the chocolates or desserts from your diet, because this will generate more anxiety and desire to eat. It allows once a week a piece of cake or flan. Regimes for example offer the possibility of eating "to taste and pleasure" on Sunday at noon, since it is proven that the fact of not being able to eat something, yet more tempting to do so.
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