6 fun homemade tricks that make life much easier

6 divertidos trucos caseros que te harán la vida mucho más fácil
"Where I left my keys? Where can I have left my light Bill? "How do we open this bottle if I have no corkscrew?..." daily life is full of small difficulties that sometimes come to us to despair and, although we know that they are unimportant things, we can remove much of that time that all we need.
So, today we want to discover you Super and fun homemade tricks that will make your life much easier. They are so original that it'll, for example, prepare them with your children. Do you feel like? Grab pen and paper and don't miss any of our advice!

1. where are my keys? And what of the garage?

Sure that at home you have old tennis balls that you no longer use. If so, you have two options: you can offer it to your pet to play or you can make a striking hanger for those objects that we have just always losing. You know, since keys, pens, the charger mobile until the receipt you have to save. whatever!

What do I need?

  • Two old tennis balls.
  • Two nails.
  • A pair of scissors.

How can I make my balls "storage"?

  • It is very easy. The first thing we will do will be a central court on the ball. It is make a mouth, but at the same time, it will be the opening that will allow us to introduce our objects.
  • Now take a nail and insert it inside the ball to be able to nail it to the wall and make it is fixed and secured. You already have it! If you wish, you can paint her sympathetic eyes.

How can I differentiate one spanner from another?

Input key, the key of the terrace, garage... how to differentiate them? It is very easy, you don't only paint part of the key with Nail Polish. Each must be of a color, and thus you will identify them instantly.

2 I have no corkscrew!

We have a very special dinner, it's all ready and prepared, it's time to open our bottle of wine and... you realize that you have no corkscrew! It's okay, you can still save your dinner. It may be rather striking home trick, but we assure you that it is effective.
You do not have more than introduce a nail well long into the Cork of the bottle and then remove it with a pair of pliers or a suitable hammer as the image. You'll have it made in two seconds!

3. those uncomfortable liquids in our garbage

I am sure that has happened more than once. You are going to take your garbage bag and remove it, they begin to fall foul-smelling liquids from food or other items. Solution? Very simple. Whenever you put your bag in the trash can, remember to put in the background a few newspapers. Never fails!

4. at the time of painting...

At home we always have something to paint: those drawers, that Chair, dog house, the bars of the window... There is always something to do! And paint is a task that become very dirty and often quite uncomfortable.
A very useful home trick is to put a rubber band on the paint bucket, with which to remove excess paint in the brush without arriving at drip where should not. It is really practical!

5 I locked? And if I go back to check it?

Hand unlocking the door
All we ever happened. We left home, we are going to work, or, what is even worse, we've gone from journey and we have already several hours driving when, suddenly, he assails us that terrible question: do I have locked the door of House?
Few things can be more desperate than this type of sudden panics related to our little memory. However, you should know that it is not actually have "low memory", but to make things automatically without paying too much attention.
An effective technique to avoid this sort of thing is to be aware of what we are doing and, in addition, do something unusual that will allow us to remember it. An example? As you close the door with key, sing aloud any song. Later, if it assails you suddenly the question of whether you have closed or not, your memory will remind you that you've done the silliness of "sing while you close a door". Never fails!

6. I've lost an earring!

So has it happened you ever? You are in the bathroom cleaning you, put your favourite slopes and, suddenly, you realize that the small pin dropped you from behind or anything of diminutive size. What can we do? You start to look at the ground in despair without being able to find the lost object.
Don't worry, there is a very effective home trick that will save you any trouble. Simply put a half the tube of your vacuum cleaner. Then you don't have rather than turn it on and go through all corners at the same time that you look at all that remains attached to the media. In few seconds you give with your small lost earring.
Have these funny homemade tricks been you practical? We encourage you to try them out.
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