5 tips to prevent possible dementia

5 tips para prevenir posibles demencias
We know that an effective remedy that we can prevent 100% of any dementia, such as for example, the Alzheimer's disease. there is However, we can reduce its impact while maintaining a healthy brain with good neural connections, where the damage can be much lower. We give you simple keys that will help us.

1. defend ourselves of dementia with a good diet

Have to keep that in mind for one simple reason. Keeping inadequate nutrition will result in our body, our veins and arteries, are filled with toxic and grease to hinder the correct circulation. The right neural connection, for example. When the brain lacks the proper nutrients, they may begin to encounter small problems. Not worth the risk... improving your diet. As data to take into account mention that specialists, suggest us that one of the best diets to prevent dementia, is the Mediterranean. So, take note of the following:
  • Includes plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals that will help us protect neurons from substances such as free radicals, their natural enemies. Antioxidants will be our natural allies, hence that is suitable to increase our contribution of citrus fruits, papayas, mangoes, strawberries, grapes will be especially basic... all those fruits and vegetables of dark shades. remember!
  • Increases your diet rich in fatty acids, blue fish omega-3. Tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies, trout... are a wonderful source of protective fat.
  • Dried fruit do you like? Then enjoy especially walnuts and hazelnuts...
  • Spices such as turmeric, stands as a remedy Grand to avoid appearing in our neuron feared platess causing Alzheimer's in the brain. Many studies in this regard are underway and all highlight this great ability.
  • Essential that you increase your dose of vitamin B. You know that it is present in all green leafy vegetables, but you can also find this vitamin in capsules at natural stores and pharmacies.

2. What if we walk an hour a day?

Are confident that already do it. But to remind you it is enough to let know you that walking between half an hour and one hour a day to normal rhythm, improves our cognitive functions also battling against the neuronal decline. We provide a dose of oxygen to the brain, we favour the circulation, increase endorphins, we strengthen our immune system... What more can you ask? You know, go out for a walk with a friend or with your partner, and improves your health, thus preventing possible dementia.

3 strive to keep our heart healthy

To maintain a healthy heart should take care of various aspects. We will begin as usual by your diet. Do you tend to be a fan of industrial food, refined, sweet flour, seasoned or cured meats? Then we will go by road. It tries to maintain a balance in your diet, taking care of your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure. It is essential.
And what can we say of the tobacco? A natural enemy of the heart and brain health. If you still keep this dangerous addiction to get rid of it, not worth it.
Another essential aspect is to keep your levels of stress. do you care much about things? You have little time for yourself and relax? You get home with a lot of stress and can not "log"? It costs you to sleep? Do you usually have small tachycardia? These are small signs that we have to take into account. Remember, keep your stress controlled and thus maintain good brain health to prevent dementia.

4. A little mental exercise

An active brain is a brain protected. New higher daily learning neural connections and strength in their structures, major structures that will tomorrow face a possible dementia . It must be taken into account. The mental exercise lies simply in the clear desire to learn something new every day and feed our curiosity, our concerns.
Please consider some small challenge. each day and if you start journaling? and if you sign up for learning a new language? Sometimes we just read a little each day, with a good game of chess, do a sudoku, paint, write a letter... lately on the Internet you have interesting applications with which to improve our cognitive abilities. Applications that you can install for example on your tablet or on your mobile phone. They are didactic and help us to make this essential mental exercise.

5 feed your social relationships

Relaciones felices
A good network of friends and family, supposed to feed our daily life with stimuli, motivation, projects and dreams. It is food for our brain, a way to keep it on with continuous, essential emotions to fight dementia.
If we recluimos us and leave aside our social network, motivation falls every day, the illusion and the eagerness to undertake projectsis lost. Loneliness and sadness are occasionally engines that generate many diseases, an engine that gradually atrophy our brain.
Think of your brain as a vital muscle you need to know to exercise. -Feeding projects, friendships, illusions, providing internal and external vitamins. Protect yourself from stress and learn new things every day. You are not only protecting your health, but that you'll be enjoying life.
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