How reduce high blood pressure with tomato?

Although the tomato can help regulate blood pressure, it is very important to not leave, under any circumstances, medication you prescribed.
¿Cómo disminuir la presión alta con el tomate?
When choosing to feed ourselves healthy, the tomato is a great ally. It has multiple properties and these include its antioxidant, detoxifying power and has a significant role to prevent various diseases, including various types of cancer.
Also has important vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin a.. The first fundamental for the proper absorption of iron, for the healing of wounds, to strengthen the immune system among other qualities and the second very important vitamin for the health of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, among others.
The tomato is also protective of cardiovascular health, helping to reduce and regulate blood pressure, contains potassium, a mineral that regulates body fluids. Also prevents bad cholesterol from sticking to the walls of the arteries causing his thickening, resulting in an increase in blood pressure.
High blood pressure makes the heart need more strength so blood and nutrients can reach efficiently the different organs of the body, because the arteries that carry it are with a decreased caliber. On effort of the heart will be slowly damaging your activity and that of other organs main.
Remember that this condition is responsible for multiple heart problems. And the consequences of it would be: arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, damage to the kidneys, vision damage, cerebral infarction, among others.

Is hypertension curable?

Arterial hypertension is a not curable, treatable condition. Once they have detected you hypertension will have to live with it's for life, a change being paramount in your bad habits. So if you want to avoid their damage choose foods that help control it, as in this case: tomato, that apart from protecting your health, provides very few calories, care addition your silhouette.
Raw in salads, in the form of sauces can eat you and you can even make refreshing juices tomato, finally, everything depends on your tastes when it comes to leverage multiple properties that grant us.
Without forgetting of course the medical consultation, controlling your consumption of salt and under no circumstances let them consume medication if it is that you have indicated. If you have family members who suffer from it or you are within the risk factors such as obesity, consumption in excess of salt, smoking, stress care should be even greater.
Regular monitoring of blood pressure is also very important, many people can spend long periods without even suspecting that their pressure is high, as at the beginning of this disorder do not usually occur symptoms. While the damage is produced in silence.
While tomatoes may help control high blood pressure, and can enjoy it in different ways do not forget that there are also other factors necessary to add to this fight. First prevents risk factors, exercises at least 3 times a week, control your blood cholesterol levels, do not drink in excess, avoiding saturated fats .
If you've been sedentary most of your life would be interesting a medical evaluation prior to the start of regular exercises . Your doctor will tell you if you are suitable to perform type and physical activity in particular.
Our health today day is threatened by a host of diseases and disorders, from the most popular to the rarest. And in many cases the cure has not been found. For this reason it is not more than act to maintain a strong and healthy body.
There are predisposing factors that we cannot control such as age, genes, race, which may have an impact on the emergence of diseases, but regarding other risk factors that would be acquired if we can do much.
Nature provides us with so many ways to take care of ourselves and nurture both in a balanced manner, uses these gifts of life and keep a stable health for much longer.
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