How can I rise my self-esteem?

¿Cómo puedo mejorar mi autoestima?
Do you feel you nothing goes well, that the world is against you, that nobody wants you? Do you think you're very little, which you can't do anything, that you're not? Then it leaves already these as negative thoughts. I know that it is not easy, but in this article I offer my hand to show you how you can improve your self-esteem.

Do you appreciate you enough?

As its name implies, at the psychological level, self-esteem is esteem or valuation we have of ourselves on the basis of feelings and experiences that we incorporate during life, which largely defines our personal ability and our achievements. Found that people with high self-esteem, feel good about themselves and are able to cope with the challenges that arise in their way and find solutions with ease, while those who have low self-esteem often self-limiting and fail.
The concept we have of ourselves is changing while we live:

During childhood

We discovered that we are different from others and that there are people who accept us and others that we reject. From these early experiences, we began to set definitions about who we are and how we feel in this regard. The future depends on the attitude that showed others to our features when we were children.

During adolescence

We need to form a firm identity and learn about our chances, but we need also of social support which helps us to make ourselves valuable to move forward with confidence into the future. It is a time of crisis of personality where we seek independence and at the same time depend on the opinions of others.

At maturity

Self-esteem during this stage is conditioned in part by the above: If during childhood, you did develop a strong self-esteem, will be relatively easy to overcome the crisis and reach maturity, while if you feel little valuable can tend to seek security through other paths such as drug addiction and alcoholism.
However you can always change and doing our part we will succeed in having a good self esteem.

Negative thoughts that you usually have

People with low self-esteem tend to think in this way, so you should start by straying from your head this bad energy:
  • Me everything goes wrong: what happens in a particular situation so widespread at any location and time: I could not do what I had planned today. I can never do this!
  • Destructive self-criticism: You maximize your mistakes and you try a pejorative way: am an idiot! What awkward I am! I don't know anything!
  • Self-incrimination: you feel guilty of everything, and the worst is that you express, if you blame you all end up blaming you.
  • Assumptions: you assume that no interests to others, that you do not like them, you assume that they think badly of you. but you have no evidence of that. Your mind is that you damaged.
  • Emotional reasoning: if I feel it so it is true. If you feel alone, isolated, useless, you think that this sentiment reflects the reality. Usually it is not true.

How can I improve my self-esteem?

Beginning to incorporate positive thoughts, it is not an easy process, but you can do it step by step. First of all...

Know yourself

The first step of all is to know you, nobody better than you to know who you are and what you want to achieve in your life, your strengths and weaknesses. Answer the questions who am I? What I want to achieve? If you wish you can write everything on paper, then repeat: I am this person, I'm unique and unrepeatable and I can achieve what you want. It is not more than the truth.

You value your positive qualities

It is time to give value to what you do and what you are. Always analyze your strengths from a positive point of view and be proud. It is more a little self-satisfaction.

It improves your negative qualities

Woman In Doubt
Examine your negative qualities, really are as negative as you think? And if so would perhaps you can't work on them and change? Of course that Yes, draw you a small goal each day, an action that will make you improve as a person. You can do.


Before that nothing be tolerant. You need to accept that there are things that are not in your hands, and therefore you can't change them. You do not see them as obstacles, and life will give you the opportunity to supplement, improve or amend the past. The important thing is to move forward.

Zero comparisons

Already talked about that you're special, so do not compare yourself with anyone, nor with the best model of all because you'll end up belittling you, nor with the worst because you will not lead to any site. You are you, and so they must appreciate you all.


So, stand up in front of the mirror and attempts to examine yourself inside and out and accept you and love you very much. Many people say: nobody loves me or no one appreciates me. But the base is in themselves. If you do not you love, if you don't give you the value you deserve, nobody will do it. Perfection lies in knowing who we are and enjoy it.

I was wrong and what?

You are a person and you have the right to make mistakes, you don't think about what you can not remedy, each new stone that you find in your way must push yourself, learn from your mistakes and advances.

Failures vs. Achievements

Everyone has failures, life is to learn from what we did wrong so you not obsessions you with yours! Instead recognizes your achievements, however small you consider them are your successes! And with that same thinking positive with got them go for more.

Enjoy the praise

Whenever someone recognizes an action yours talk about faults with the low view why? Enjoy the praise is good, that positive energy is a result of the good work you've done, how good you've been, so enjoy it.

Positive attitude

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Remember, self-esteem is related to the triumph. If you want to be a successful ten a positive attitude daily, you fight stress, you will feel better and conquer.

Final words

I hope that this article you have been helpful to improve your self-esteem and in case you feel unable to do it alone, don't hesitate to seek help, remember that the health of the mind is the health of the body.
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