Seven natural remedies for shoulder pain

Siete remedios naturales para el dolor de hombros
Why did that happen now? You were helping a friend fix his house and suddenly, without knowing what gesture you did, this terrible pain appears in the right shoulder who you going to believe? What a foolish place to hurt you! And the worst thing is that it is increasingly stronger, just you can style your hair and you begin to think that this can be very serious.
Before that nothing should know that shoulder pain is more common than you think and, most importantly, that has a solution. In this article I will present you 7 natural remedies for shoulder pain.

How does shoulder pain?

The shoulder is a set of joints that join with the torso arm and consists of three bones (humerus, shoulder blade or scapula and clavicle) and various muscles, ligaments and tendons which provide stability and movement. Due to the wide range of daily activities that involve, it is susceptible to minor or more serious injury. Pain in this area can appear after ironing, washing, prune the garden, intense exercise that require moving arms, sports without warm up properly, do heavy weights, etc. Then I'll show you which are the most common shoulder conditions:
Most common shoulder problems:
  • Displacement: Displacement or dislocation occurs when the head of the arm bone is forced out of the cavity of the shoulder which can happen by overuse, strains or hits. When the ligaments, tendons and muscles around the shoulder are loose or torn, occur dislocations repeatedly, causing pain and instability if the arm is raised or is moved forward.
  • Bursitis: bursae or bags act as cushions that reduce the friction between the muscles and bones. Overuse of the shoulder can lead to inflammation of the bursae, which causes pain and affect daily activities as combing or dressing.
  • Tendinitis: tendons are composed of fibers of connective tissue and have the function to bind the muscles and bones. Tendinitis or inflammation of a tendon usually occurs by repeated exercises without a proper stance or it may be associated with other injuries such as sprains.
  • Fractures: fractures are the result of a bone break and usually occur due to falls from the height of a person or high energy injury, as sports accidents or motor vehicles. They cause severe pain and inflammation.
  • Osteoarthritis: typically develops by progressive joint wear and tear though it also tends to be associated with tears of muscles and tendons, and infection. It manifests with inflammation, pain and stiffness.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints and is manifested with pain, swelling, redness, and deformation.
Now that you know the main damage which can suffer your shoulder surely you'll wonder what you can do to relieve it, because the first recommendation that you will do is you run to your doctor so that you receive the proper diagnosis and then, when already know what you can apply any of these 7 natural remedies for shoulder pain.

Seven natural remedies for shoulder pain

Because here are the remedies promised, choose which you prefer and you will see how effective it is.

Remedy # 1: Sage for sprains

If you have suffered a sprain in the shoulder doing exercises this is the remedy that you need. Crushed three handfuls of Sage leaves and put to boil in ¼ of liter of vinegar for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, wet a cloth in the mixture and place on twist as hot as you can tolerate, three times a day.

Remedy # 2: Mentholated cream

If you like to prepare your remedies for yourself here is going a wonderful massage cream: heated in water bath 170 grams of hamamelina, 4 tablespoons of lanolin and 6 teaspoons of menthol until mixture has a creamy consistency. Remove it from the heat and let it cool. Use it to give gentle massages in the shoulder joint and stimulate circulation.

Remedy # 3: Rosemary for rheumatic or arthritic joints

For those rheumatic pains so strong I propose to you this wonderful remedy, add half a cup of Rosemary leaves and half a teaspoon of clove to a cup of vegetable oil and put all oil to boil for 20 minutes. Let this mixture cool and strain it with gauze. You can pack it and use it as a poultice (using a cloth or cotton) three times a day.

Remedy # 4: Cayenne for pain

cayena Tim Patterson
Do you have swollen and sore shoulder? Boil ¼ Cup of vinegar and added cayenne pepper to form a paste. Spread this paste on a bandage, apply olive oil on the skin of the shoulder and put the poultice for two hours. Finally rinse well the pepper remaining. It is wonderful.

Remedy # 5: Lemon against arthritis

For arthritic pains nothing better than a cool massage with a lemon half, their essential oils will help your shoulder.

Remedy #6: Avocado

Avocado seeds are very effective to soothe joint pain or shoulder muscles. Spray two dried seeds of avocado and mix with warm honey to form a paste. Apply it over the shoulder with gentle circular massaging. This remedy is very effective.

Remedy # 7: Pope to prevent bursitis

Grate a potato and add it to 1 cup of water. Let stand overnight and the next morning brew it with gauze. Drink this remedy before breakfast each day and avoid suffering from bursitis.

How do I care for my shoulders?

Remember that your shoulders need your care: perform stretching exercises and sports with a proper warm-up, avoid heavy loads and sudden movements. So you have healthy and strong shoulders.
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